Telegram is the hoax of Whatsapp releasing his stickers


Published on Nov 07, 2018


With culpable and unreasonable delay, the stickers are made on WhatsApp. If the use of these is well known to most is (almost) the whole merit of the Telegram platform for messaging functions (useful or not) are coming slowly on that rival.

Telegram did not take long to invade the enemy territory, in fact, has launched on the App Store a few sets of stickers (divided in two applications) already available to download.

The first app includes 10 sets of stickers available already on the Telegram, then sufficiently well known. Are those starring cute animals such as the rabbit, the polar bear, the cat and the unicorn.

The second pack of stickers is rather Halloween themed, with typical figures of this popular festival, such as the pumpkin, the black cat, the witch, and so on.

The release of the stickers for WhatsApp is accompanied by an irony not so veiled. Reading the messages of the example included in the screen presentation on the App Store are obvious the taunts of the Telegram to the platform owned by Facebook. Here are some cute examples:

You can download the stickers Telegram for WhatsApp?

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