Taylor Swift has saved a small record shop Nashville


Published on Apr 02, 2020


Prompted s New & Preloved Music is a small record shop in Nashville, is bent against the latest restrictive measures enacted by the authorities to limit the spread of the coronavirus, which have forced many businesses to close or reinvent themselves in some way. This week is joint aid unexpected of pop star Taylor Swift, who gave the store the sum needed to pay for the health care of the dipendendenti.

A source confirmed the news to Rolling Stones: “Taylor has generously offered a bit of help directly to my staff, wants to cover the cost of three months of our health care. It is a big thing for us, we can now ask with more confidence the loans needed to pay rent, suppliers and other expenses. The help of Miss Swift is giving us a real chance to return after all this.”

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In the weeks following the dissemination of guidelines on Coronavirus, who have recommended the material, the social, the stores have radically changed their way of working, albeit contrary to the online sales, have had to adapt to survive. The owner of the shop told me that in some cases it has been very fruitful change, for example, during the pandemic, a customer has purchased two albums from the collection, unsold from time to time, probably to show his support.

Taylor Swift, in addition to having helped in the shop of his native city, has also donated sums of money to some fans experiencing difficulties as a result of the pandemic. The pop star has also made donations to Feeding America and for the World Health Organization, urging his followers to stay in the house and to follow with great diligence and attention to the rules to prevent the spread of the virus.

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