Taylor Mega: out from The Island of the Famous in 3 weeks? His defense


Published on Jan 25, 2019


The first episode of The Island of the Famous 2019 opened with a beautiful controversy: contestant Taylor Mega has posted on his profile on Instagram a video in which he declared, without too many misunderstandings that will remain inside the program for three weeks, and then return to Italy. A statement that has left you flabbergasted, the authors of the program: Alessia Marcuzzi showed the video indicted on live television and asked to direct interested an explanation to such statements...

After the accusations launched by Alessia Marcuzzi as a result of the vision of the above video, Taylor Mega has initially stuttered an answer rather vague: “I said three weeks because I are given as the limit of three weeks. Because visa is an experience that's a bit strong... my minimum and my maximum of three weeks“.

Alessia Marcuzzi is pressing on the issue of the three weeks, underlining the fact that a survivor can not decide spontaneously to stay for three weeks and then abandon the program to your liking. The tv presenter remarked that this attitude is unfair towards the other shipwrecked persons, but also in respect of the authors of the program.

Taylor Mega continues on his line: “I'm not coming here with the spirit to win The Island of the Famous. For me... my prize will be a winning staff, that make three weeks...”. The Marcuzzi does not see us more and calls for more sincerity in the competitor: “it's Not that then I'll invent an illness or you can agree to let you go in the nomination...”. She denies the possible ill were invented.

But at this point, Alessia Marcuzzi pulls out a second video where you can see a friend of Taylor Mega while they watch the video indicted (three weeks) and then add a nice framing to a wrist watch, almost to indicate the elapsed time.

The presenter asked Taylor Mega the meaning of this video is rather cryptic, but the girl explained not to learn anything. Alessia Marcuzzi returned to the issue of the three weeks, asking very explicitly, if at this date there is a business strategy; Taylor Mega-replication in a way sincere: “I'm Not retiring. This will never happen... because there is a criminal!“.

The question has not been fully elucidated and the suspects could increase in the next few hours...

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