Taxation at the centre of a new meeting between Tim Cook to Donald Trump


Published on Aug 11, 2018


Yesterday evening, Apple CEO Tim Cook was once again a guest at a dinner of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, with the new duties imposed by the US president at the centre of the debate.

The details of when discussed between the two has not been formalized at the time, however, Tim Cook has decided to renew to the president of the huge commitment to Apple regarding the investments on american soil, with the objective, however, clarity with regard to the new customs duties, which, as just raised by the same CEO of Apple a few days ago, may have considerable weight, not only as regards the final price of the products Apple, but for the economy as a whole america, at the centre of a controversy with the chinese government to the hits of duties.

The increase in prices would be a blow not only for the company but also to the pockets of the purchasers and the entire american economy, would see its export decrease your due to a reduction in the demand on the market. In an article dated June 2018, the New York Times claimed how the White House had promised to Cook the total estraneit√° your company to new taxes, declarations, however, contradicted by the administration Trump.

Currently the Apple product most likely to be affected by the new duties is the Apple Watch, which could see an increase of the final price equal to 10%. We will follow with interest the evolution of the situation in order to understand how these new duties will impact on the finances not only of Apple but also to the us buyers.




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