Tart cherries

Published on Jun 12, 2016

The cherry Pie is a tasty dessert, a classic in the spring and summer that appeals to all, young and old. Perfect for breakfast, for afternoon tea, it also represents a healthy and tasty snack for children.
The pastry is made with a small percentage of almond flour, which gives greater friability, and taste. The combination of almonds and cherries you'll love it!

Print cherry Pie 2016-05-25 15:14:15 For 6 people Preparation time 1 hr Cooking time 1 hr 5 min Difficulty 3.5 Preparation time 1 hr Cooking time 1 hr 5 min Ingredients For a mold with the bottom removable, diameter 22-23 cm For the pastry 300 g flour 00 30 g of almond flour bio The Window to the Sky 165 g butter 115 g caster sugar Zefiro Eridania 2 egg yolks 2 tablespoons cold water the seeds of 1/2 vanilla bean Bourbon the tip of a teaspoon of cinnamon a pinch of salt For the filling 1 kg cherries, fresh, washed and pitted olives 65 g of the sugar Zefiro Cane Eridania 50 g of butter 15 g of corn starch, 15 ml of fresh orange juice and a pinch of nutmeg powder a pinch of cinnamon Instructions Prepare the dough. In planetary (with the leaf) or by hand, knead the flour with the butter until the mixture is sand-blasted. Add the granulated sugar, the salt and the egg yolks, cold water, vanilla and cinnamon. Mix well. Form a loaf and wrap it in food film. Let rest in the refrigerator for at least 3/4 hours. Prepare the filling. In a pot, gather the cherries, washed and pitted, brown sugar, butter, nutmeg and cinnamon. Cook over medium heat and bring to a boil. In the meantime, in a small bowl dissolve the cornstarch with the orange juice and stir until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous. Once it reaches a boil, stir the mixture of cherries for a few minutes and then mix in the cornstarch with the orange juice, continuing to mix until everything will not be dense enough. Remove the pot from the heat and let it cool completely. Roll out the pastry, on a floured board, to a thickness of about 3 mm. Coated the bottom of the mold previously buttered and floured, cut the excess dough along the circumference on the edges and perforate the base with the tines of a fork. Transferred in the fridge for at least 20 minutes. With the advanced pastry made of strips extending to a thickness of 3 mm and by cutting the strips about 2.5 cm wide. Take back the base after the rest in the fridge and fill with the topping of cherries coming up to half a cm from the edge. Arrange the strips and cut the excess at the sides, pressing lightly with the fingers to attach them well to the board. Bake it in the oven and bake at 170°C for approximately 65 minutes. The tart should be golden. Remove from the oven, let cool and turn out. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Notes the recipe for The filling is taken and partially modified from the book California Bakery - Guido Tommasi Editore The tart is still good after a rest of a few hours, and is delicious served with a vanilla ice-cream or semi-whipped cream flavoured with cinnamon. iFood https://www.ifood.it/

Prepared this tart for your loved ones, it will be a sweet gift! Its fragrance and its taste will conquer all!


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