Taranto: the first of may of the ransom

Published on May 02, 2016

Labour day is celebrated all over the world, or nearly, to remember and celebrate the battles and claims workers, in particular, is one that time to the conquest of the daily work schedule.Over the years, the claims of the workers, however, have changed, have transformed, and have had different connotations. Those who are afraid of losing their jobs, those who ask for a time that's most flexible, those who feel forced into silence, those who fear for their health.

On may 1, it becomes an expression of these fears and becomes the social moment of sharing, both of the problems that face the workers of both joy expressed through the music. The celebration of the most famous is that of the “Concert” which is held every year in Rome in Piazza San Giovanni, but some years there is another concert that is making its way forcefully: that of Taranto, organised by the Committee of Free Citizens and as Thinking, born from the need to express their disapproval of the condition of the workers tarantini who are forced to choose between Work and Health.

Yesterday, we were in Taranto and we shared the emotions that workers, students, celebrities and activists have expressed on the stage. The peculiarity of the event lies not only in its raison d'être, but also in the way in which this is organized: in fact, the event is funded entirely by donations and the commitment of those who work there. The artists themselves do not take financial contributions for their presence, which enhances their performance on stage, performed with heart and feeling towards the citizens of taranto.Not only national artists, if we want the big event but also band and local artists have contributed to the event with their music, as the OrchestraMancina that with our microphones and said: "the shot left handed, the worst this city has suffered the violence, but it is from the popular consciousness that all this must change, from the citizens, and on the first of may and slowly he is succeeding. The guys have not only created this event but an entire week of conversion to the city until you get to the one in may, and I hope that next year there is a month between two years six months of conversion to give this city the respect it deserves"

A message of hope on the part of the city he lives and has chosen a different route by showing that it is possible, a choice that has transformed a worker ILVA in a musician.Energy, fun and social commitment are the values expressed by the Terraross that are created with the intention to revive the musical traditions of the south by becoming the Official Group of the Ionic Land: "a crazy energy, despite the weather, was released. Are the citizens who have given energy to us, we were involved in, this must be an energy of hope that must be free all day to change things. This is the message we want to convey and the message of Citizens, Free Workers and Thinking, a message that you must believe, every day, a positive message, always". This hope is the message that you want to transmit, another way is possible, it is a choice is real and concrete. Michele Riondino, the organizer of the event says: "there may be an economic system based on tourism, the tertiary sector, but also in the industry but also respects the rules, respects the workers. If you do not can coexist with the environment and work one of the two must die. If I had to choose I would opt for the environment, because I prefer to commit myself to finding a professional solution rather than give up my health"

The first of may has been especially a time of sharing of ideas, between the music and the actions of people fighting against child abuse and who seek to promote the sense of humanity of what surrounds us. Among the most anticipated is the one with the Yaris Varoufakis, minister of finance of the first government of Tsipras, who said: "the future of Europe is the ability to combine technology, work and environment, and the creation of a network of international collaboration"

As you know, we speak of Italy, and above all, what is positive, this first of may is especially something beautiful, a message of hope and change for this city that can become the symbol of revenge. Roy Paci, among others, the organizers and promoters of the concert, in this regard we said: "this concert provides the basis for the construction of a social life better, and you just do it by informing. The media speak too often of what happens outside of Italy, and speaks little of what happens here. This event is a megaphone huge goal to see the beauty that is this place. The music becomes a vehicle for important messages, moments of "Toda Joia", of internal revolution:a revolution is awareness"

At 19 they start to get the first big on stage including the singer-songwriter Levante which gave a beautiful performance. Among its successes will surely be remembered “Alfonso”, a piece in which the singer speaks of the discomfort that you try to a party to which you do not want to participate. That of Taranto is a festival, but the artist wanted to be there : "these are real parties, those of participation, the real ones, those which are sincere. This holiday I lived it with great enthusiasm, I could not want anything other than this. I received a the heat was crazy, I sang them, I sang for me and I hope that Taranto has his revenge, that of the good". Singers and artists speak about the public, of the heat that is transmitted, Renzo Rubino says, "the real show is not on stage, the real show. Taranto will become a symbol of rebirth, of revolution. In this city they have stolen the sunset, have stolen the horizon, but if the young people leave here there's nothing left. You have to go away and then come back and transfer what is learned". Niccolò Fabi, one of the artists most expected, he said: "when behind a concert there is a great motivation, felt by all, from those who organise, those who lead the van, who sells beer and sandwiches, those who play, those who listen to it, then, that there is the concert, the real one, the one that leaves a mark, a feeling of hope to those who don't have"

In the evening, have followed artists, such as Niccolò Fabi, Daniele Silvestri, Litfiba, Teatro degli Orrori, AfterHours, and Ministers, all have given great energy and they have received great participation from the audience, as in a modern-day Woodstock, they sang loudly, dancing in the mud. But the music is passed in the second plan, it was only a vehicle for raising public awareness. The speeches were many and all with a precise message. By the parents of Giulio Regeni to the mayor of Lampdusa, by the workers of the association of Citizens, free Workers and thinking a Yaris Varoufakis. They all had a common message, the one of retaliation and social consciousness, that of love of neighbour and the rediscovery of his own humanity. A first of may, that of Taranto, which is not driven by the desire to have fun, but by the desire to be there. Because if it is true that many drops make an sea, then yesterday there was an ocean of people who want to redeem themselves, that they want to change things, who want to live in a better place and who want to have the ability to remain in their place of origin.

Lorenzo Bianchi ( Tarantino )

Photo: Elisa Toma


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