Tania and Syngin 90 days to fall in love with they are still together? From South Africa to Connecticut with love


Published on Apr 26, 2020


Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester, form one of the pairs, the protagonists of the seventh edition of 90 days to fall in love. She's very authoritarian, and with plans about his future well-written in his mind, he is a little rebellious, a little attentive to the rules and with a poor attitude to routine...How it will end the love affair started in South Africa and then moved to Connecticut? You want to find out? Tania and Syngin were the protagonists of the seventh season of 90 day fiancé, in Italy we see on the air these days about Real Time but it's been just over a year from when the recordings were made, and several months after airing in the Usa this season. Therefore, we can tell you, also thanks to the social progress of this love story. Tania and Syngin they are still together? In an episode of 90 days to fall in love in the air today 26 April 2020 on the Real Time we will see that the two go very much agree but have a totally different perspective on the issue the family.

Tania wants to have children soon, and you are given a time: do not wait more than three years. Her boyfriend wants to first find a job, save your money for traveling and travel the world and do not think that a son is the best thing to do...

Find a point of agreement?

As you can see from the many photos that Tania's post on social, the love is going still to swollen sails. The two are together and the last photo of the holiday date back to three days ago. As you know, in fact, in the Usa the rules of the lockdown they change from state to state and not all of them are forced in the house in spite of the coronavirus.

Tania and her fiance's south african so for the time being they are still together and from what we've seen on social, you are also united in a marriage, but with a formula that seemed to us to be an alternative, not the classical celebration. Tania has also become aunt and this made her happy. Photos on social with a newly born child does not in fact show us his daughter, but his little granddaughter.

We will probably see then in the next season of 90 days to fall in love and then as it progresses between the two this relationship but there seem, at least from a social, happy and in love more than ever.

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How about this pair?

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