Taiyo Matsumoto is launching a new seinen manga


Published on Apr 12, 2019


The number 5 of the magazine Big Comic Original Zokan of Shogakukan has announced that Taiyo Matsumoto will begin serializing a new manga series on the number six of the monthly magazine, on sale from 12 June.

It's called Tokyo Higoro and tells the daily life of Shiosawa, the editor of the manga for a major publishing house who is retiring early, finding himself thinking about what it means to the world of manga for him: the work, a form of expression or friendship?

In our Country, J-POP has published his Tekkonkinkreet (single volume) and Sunny (6 volumes), while the 001 Editions – Hikari his Ping Pong (5 volumes).

J-POP has recently announced also the Cats in The Louvre (2 volumes):

By the author of the Sunny and Tekkon Kinkreet, a unique work that mixes the charm of the surreal and the magnificent atmosphere of the parisian museum's most famous and beloved. A guide to the Louvre, tired of dragging tourists bored in front of the mona lisa, he discovers a colony of cats and other strange creatures that lives in the building, and that will cause them to live in
completely new and magical one of the temples of the culture of the world.

Source: ANN

Taiyo Matsumoto is launching a new seinen manga is




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