Syria, gas killer: new bombing in Idlib, 72 dead. Continue the massacre

Published on Apr 05, 2017

New air raids hit this morning, the region of Idlib, in northwestern Syria, in the aftermath of the massacre in Khan Sheikhun. “Fighter jets have carried out Wednesday morning at least five raids against areas near Khan Sheikhun,” denounced the Observatory syrian human rights, indicating that you do not have at the time information of the victims. Syria, gas killer: new bombing in Idlib, 72 dead. Continue the massacre. The new budget has been spread this morning by the Observatory syrian human rights after the plane attack of yesterday on Khan Sheikhun, and complaints about the use of chemical weapons, it is at least 72 dead, including 20 children. According to the ngo activists of the opposition, the victims of the “massacre” there are 17 women. The Observatory reiterates that medical sources have confirmed that one of the districts of Khan Sheikhun has been bombarded with substances that are believed to be gas” and stresses that the death toll could continue to rise in the next few hours because the wounded are dozens, and there are also some scattered. The previous report released by the Observatory syrian human rights reported at least 58 deaths, while in the past the Union of relief organizations, and medical care (Uossm) spoke of “the 100 deaths from suffocation and 400 injured as a result of various chemical attack with toxic gas that hit Khan Sheikhun”. Un. “The horrific events of yesterday show that, unfortunately, in Syria continue to occur for war crimes. The international humanitarian law continues to be violated with frequency,” says the secretary-general of the Un Antonio Guterres, in Brussels on the sidelines of the conference on the future of Syria. “The security Council – continues – will meet today: we have asked that those responsible for crimes accountable for their actions, and I am sure that the security Council will live up to their responsibilities”. “At the same time continues Guterres – these events demonstrate how important is this conference and how important it is to bring together the international community to exercise pressure on the parties to the conflict and the Countries that have influence on the parties in conflict to put aside their differences.” For Guterres need to “understand that there is a critical need to put an end to this war.” It is necessary to “make sure that Astana is to decide, implement and monitor a real cease-fire and to make sure that at the Geneva peace talks are the substance and proceed towards a political solution”. “At the same time, let's not forget the need for the international community to assume its responsibility, to provide humanitarian aid in an effective way, to the syrian people, who suffers in a horrible way in the Country, and to the syrian refugees, often in terrible conditions – adds Guterres – Serving support for the Countries hosting the refugees, who work for the common good and do not get enough solidarity from the international community.” The Usa, France and Britain propose a resolution for a condemnation of the chemical attack. The United states, France and the United Kingdom have developed and proposed to the Security Council of the United Nations a draft resolution that condemns the attack and calls for an investigation into what happened. The resolution, a two-page document, which the news agency Dpa anticipates some of the content, requires to Damascus precise information on the operations of yesterday and the flight plans of the air force, including the names of the military pilots. In addition, reports to the Dpa on the day when you will gather of urgency, the Security Council of the United Nations, the document asks for access to air bases military which would be games operations, according to the Opcw, tasked to investigate, and requires meetings within five days with the general of the syrians, and the leadership of Damascus. The resolution threatens sanctions, however, are not provided directly from the text, against the government of syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, from the beginning of the conflict in Syria in 2011, has been repeatedly accused for the use of chemical weapons. The version of Moscow. According to the reconstruction of the facts provided by the Russian Defence ministry after the massacre in Khan Sheikhun, the source of the allegations of an attack with chemical weapons, there would be a bombing of the air force in syria against a deposit of a terrorist” in which was contained “toxic substances”, which are used to produce projectiles containing chemical agents. “According to the systems of control of the air space of the Russian, yesterday between 11.30 am and 12.30 pm local time, the syrian air force conducted an air raid on the eastern outskirts of Khan Sheikhun, hitting an ammunition depot of the terrorists,“ said general Igor Konashenko, according to reports from the site of the agency Tass, specifying that this deposit, hosted a workshop for the production of projectiles containing toxic agents”. “From this arsenal, weapons loaded with chemical agents were then delivered by militants to Iraq, he added, the spokesman for the Russian military – their use by terrorists has been confirmed in many occasions by international organizations and authorities of the Country”. The spokesman for the Russian said, again, that the bullets produced in the arsenal were similar to those used by rebels in Aleppo, where their use has been certified by the specialists in Russian military. “The video published on the social networks of the affected people in Khan Sheikhun show the same symptoms of poisoning of the victims of the attack in Aleppo that took place last autumn”, said the general saying that Russia has delivered all the information in its possession concerning the attack yesterday at the Opcw, the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, which “is still considering”. “We assure that these information is completely impartial and truthful,” he concluded. Yesterday, the Russian Defence ministry had issued a press release that they were denied with the strength of the news circulated about the involvement of Russian forces in the bombardment. While the syrian regime has denied categorically any responsibility for the chemical attack. “We have not used chemical weapons so far and will not use it in the future,” said a spokesman of the syrian army. (ADNKRONOS)

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