Swamp Thing: Wan promises a history of the gothic, horror and romantic


Published on Jan 05, 2019


In a recent interview with CBR, one of the producers of Swamp Thing, James Wan, has spoken of the roots of the comics of this new adaptation live-action: “we Want more focus on gothic horror and romance comics,” explains Wan, “it is a human story, like beauty and The Beast. The protagonist is this guy who is struggling to find his humanity while you are slowly turning more and more into a monster. As Aquaman (the film's stand-alone, directed by James Wan, currently in Italian cinemas, editor) Swamp Thing is another franchise of DC Comics that has the material really interesting, with several fascinating characters

Time ago, however, the director of the pilot, Len Wiseman, has posted on Instagram a new picture from behind the scenes of the series, which see pictured Abby Arcane and Alec Holland:

Anatomy Class with @andybeanofficial and @crystalmreed

A post shared by Len Wiseman (@lenwiseman) on Dec 27, 2018 at 11:38am PST

To interpret Abby Arcane in the series, as we can see, is Crystal Reed ( Sofia Falcone in the Gotham, and for that one, and Allison Argent in Teen Wolf and is described as “the grandson of Dr. Anton Arcane, will develop with Holland an intimate relationship in the second half of the first season”) while the other protagonist, Alec Holland (described as “a scientist-turned, after an experiment, in a to be connected with the plants of his swamp”) will be brought to the small screen by Derek Mears. His alter-ego “monstrous” instead, Swamp Thing, will be played by Mears, actor in the Friday the 13th and alien Kree in Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D.

In a cast that includes Will Patton (Halloween, The Punisher) in the role of Avery Sunderland, business man and always ready to charitable works. Behind this mask, however, is concealing a terrifying obsession with the swamp and the desire to exploit his influence for personal gain.

Virginia Madsen will be the wife of the magnate.The presence of Abby Arcane will worsen in women, the pain of the loss of his daughter Shawna, involving it in mysteries of the supernatural beings that emerge from the swamp. The actress, nominated for the academy award for best supporting actress in 2005, he starred in his long career in films such as Haunting – Presenze, and red riding Hood, also taking part in television series such as The witches of the East End, and American Gothic.

Jeryl Prescott will be Madame Xanadu, described as “a sorceress centuries-old that is in spite of having to deal with the growing supernatural forces that afflict a small town of Louisiana. Guess blind with magical powers, his intentions are good despite his methods, sometimes, are not entirely orthodox. The actress is known for role in The Walking Dead, Modern Family, and Powers.

Mary Sten will be Liz Tremayne, a journalist and old friend of Abby, who tries to unravel the mysteries that are tearing down his city, while another character that should be present answers to the name of Matt Cable, the sheriff's 30-year-old of the city and ex-boyfriend of Abby (described as a good guy with obvious anger issues). The villain instead, cunning and very intelligent, will be on 40 and 50 years with a model of appearance similar to Lawrence Fishburne or Jeff Goldblum.

This is also Ian Ziering, known for his role in the franchise of Sharknado as a guest star in the first season of the series, going to be the frustrated actor David Cassidy, described as “an actor that fell into ruin after the success of the role of the Blue Devil“. Below, the poster fictional film made by the character in the series:

In the comics, the actor is stuck in the costume because of the encounter with the demon Neron, who, mistaking him for another demon, tries to steal his powers. Then, David started his activities as a superhero and, once again meeting Neron, is transformed into a true demon.

Previously, during an interview focused on The Nun instead, the writer of the film, and Swamp Thing Gary Dauberman has had the opportunity to reveal to the fans what this new adaptation, different from the previous ones, speaking also of the tone “dark” and the approach to product forbidden to minors.

“We have tried to make Swamp Thing more forbidden to minors as possible, to represent in a raw and violent themes, adult cartoon and make it as scary as possible,” the words of Dauberman to SlashFilm, “Given the fact that the series will be exclusive to the streaming service DC, we were most compelled to go in this direction, even if I have to say that the road taken by the creative team was already extremely regardless. We are inspired fully to the work of Alan Moore on Swamp Thing, and this has given a boost to the whole project. Anyone who knows the comics knows then that we're talking about a series of strange, frightening, and pushing you to the limit. We wanted at all costs to be up to the standard that was created by Moore in the ’80s”.

The writer also talks about the costume of the character, different from what we have seen previously: “it's amazing what Justin Raleigh and the guys Fractured are doing with the costume, is consistent with the character and with the idea of mutation, rather than seem to be simply a man in disguise”.

The words of the scriptwriter, which they deny, therefore, the report that was previously leaked, that they wanted the live-action away from the tone “dark” of the Titans, and most close to the fairy-tale.

Currently, the director of the premiere seems to have been entrusted to Len Wiseman, known for directing and his work on the screenplay of the saga of the Underworld, as well as the director of the pilot of Lucifer (2016) and Sleepy Hollow (2013). James Wan, in case, will work, however, with Wiseman, being in each case one of the executive producers of the series.

This is the synopsis currently widespread:

“When a researcher for the CDC, Abby Arcane returns to his childhood home in Houma, Louisiana, to investigate a deadly virus emanating from the swamp, develops a surprising bond with the scientist Alec Holland discovering early on as the place to hide the mysteries terrifying. Unexplained and gruesome horrors to emerge from the murky mud of the swamp, and no one is safe anymore”.

The release date scheduled for the live-action series of Swamp Thing, is tentatively scheduled for 2019.

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