Superman Returns: Brandon Routh talks about the non-sequel


Published on Mar 05, 2020


The fan of the Arrowverse were thrilled when the star of Legends of Tomorrow Brandon Routh has dressed once again in the role of Superman in “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, by offering both Routh who fans the chance to review the Man of steel that gave birth to Superman Returns in 2006.

However, the path to be at peace with the role of Superman has committed Routh for some time. In a recent episode of the podcast Inside of You by Michael Rosenbaum, Routh talked about the “trauma” of his post-Superman Returns and how he has worked in that period of his life.

In 2006, Routh starred in Superman Returns, a film that was an extension of the film series with Christopher Reeve – is technically the sixth and last movie of the series, although its history to ignore Superman III, Supergirl, and Superman IV. Even if the film was well received and did well at the box office, Warner Bros. eventually canceled plans for a sequel. For Rough, it was a difficult thing to deal with and something with which he did the accounts for a certain period of time.

“I would say that the end of the story as Superman in Superman Returns was not in the way I thought it would go, in the way that everyone around me thought that it happened. I had to really deal with that,” said Routh. “There was a sequel, the film has been widely appreciated, people liked it, but, you know, has made almost $ 400 million worldwide, but it was not enough... and I did everything I could do, that I thought, in my world, to help for a sequel to be made”.

When this is not successful, Routh explained that he turned to video games, but that his wife, Courtney Ford, it has been a great support in overcoming the loss of Superman, and go forward.

“Then I knew better, now I know better, and so, going through the whole trauma of Superman Returns, the end of Superman Returns has been a long process of rejection of me, for the most part, and fortunately, I guess, I did it by abusing drugs or alcohol, at parties. I've been playing World of Warcraft endlessly... I was helping,” explained Routh, until he had to deal with that and his wife has helped him.

Come to terms with Superman is something that in the end has allowed Routh to be able to participate in “Crisis”, an opportunity that has dealt with gratitude.

“I approached as if it were the last time. It was important for me,” said Routh at Den of Geek last year. “Because if I continued to leave the door open and you keep wanting more, I would never have been satisfied, and it was not so that I wanted to leave things. So I approached this as, no matter how much screen time I had, or how the story ends, I am grateful to have had this opportunity and will be well whatever it is”.

Finally Routh, participating in the crisis, has recovered from his memory of Superman and has hung definitely the coat to the nail; however, the actor also leaves the door open for a possible return, who knows, however, characterized by the acceptance that it has now gained.

Superman Returns: Brandon Routh talks about the non-sequel is




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