Superman: Neil Gaiman criticizes the approach of Warner Bros.


Published on Dec 04, 2019


Neil Gaiman, who co-created the Sandman for Vertigo, the label property of DC Comics, says that Warner Bros. is making a mistake in his approach to Superman after that the relevance of the superhero in the modern era has been questioned.

In a long examination of both the past and the future of the DC Universe for Warner Bros. on the big screen, Variety reported that the studio is “probing the many talents high-profile”, including the director of Star Wars, J. J. Abrams, in an attempt to “help find a way to make Superman relevant for the modern audience“.

Warner Bros. has brought the attention on the character, the future of which the film has been paused since the last time that Henry Cavill played the Man of Steel in the film's 2017 Justice League.

“(The point is not to) make it relevant“, Gaiman has tweeted Monday in response to the controversy. “(The point is) to make it challenging“:

You don't make it relevant. You make it inspiring.

— Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) December 2, 2019

In February, Forbes reported that plans for Superman in DC's Extended Universe – which also features Wonder Woman and Gal In the and Aquaman, Jason Momoa, and previously Batman Ben Affleck – were suspended indefinitely. The study would instead concentrate its efforts on Supergirl, the film should begin to be produced at the beginning of 2020, according to a report in Forbes.

In spite of another report of the September 2018, who claimed that Cavill had been released from his role of Clark Kent / Superman, Cavill claims not to have renounced the role, telling Men's Health in November: “The coat is in the closet. It is still my“.

“I'll just sit quietly in the darkness while all this stuff is happening,“ added Cavill. “I have not given up the role. There is still a lot to give to Superman. A lot of storytelling to do. A lot of depth and real true to the honesty of the character in which I want to enter. I want to reflect the comics. This is important to me. There is a lot of justice to do for Superman. The status is: you'll see“.

Henry Cavill will wear then in the role of Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher for the Netflix premiere on the streaming service on December 20.

Superman: Neil Gaiman criticizes the approach Warner Bros. is




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