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Published on Dec 04, 2017


The necklace BaBao house publishing, Bao Publishing, with an eye also to the Italian authors (emerging and otherwise), is enriched with another atypical superhero (in the same series also includes Superpatata, that we already reviewed for you): Supergum!, the first of five adventures for young readers ages seven years and up.

The two authors are Susanna Rumiz, already illustrator for children, and Laura Guglielmo, author versatile (from video game development to the textile design) known for being the co-founder of the independent label Hanger Press, as well as the author of the comic self-produced Crescent.

The cheerful palette of Rumiz and the writing of William come together to tell of Supergum, alias Gianluca, a ten-year old boy who lives in a normal village of the province, almost boring, as colorful: Pieve San Broccoli, “where it never happens anything”. But is that really so?

If Spider-Man became a superhero because of a spider, also the genesis of Supergum has to do with a pet tiny, a generic bug... but not in the way you might expect from a classic superhero story!

A day Gianluca is scared by the already mentioned insect, and... surprise!, he discovers he has the power to manipulate and control the nicotine chewing gum: from the improvisation of pillows, anti-fall, to the creation of forms of every kind.

But, as you well know, every superhero must have these basic characteristics:

The latter is Glaucous, fond of insects and classmate of Gianluca, as well as his best friend. But even the enemies will happen: the first will be the school bullies, led by Viviana and his evil yo-yo, but it will be a couple of thieves experts and the villain.

And the double identity? Gianluca does not even the problem and does nothing to hide his power: at his age, the problems are the other, starting from the lack of self-confidence. Yes, because very soon Gianluca will be tormented by this question: what to do with a power like that?

Despite the title of this review, Supergum! this is not the story of a useless power, but the history of a power, non-traditional, unusual, that he needs to “find its way”. But it is also the story of those who are born with an innate talent and who, instead, he trains day after day to achieve excellent results: no superpowers, only a lot of commitment!

Supergum! it is a nice story, marked by an intelligent organization of the page, as told by the colors pimpanti and idyllic. The alternation and the contrast of green and orange (with the addition of the pink chewing-gum, of course), he paints an upbeat atmosphere that does not portend anything really dangerous. But we'll see with the second adventure of Supergum.

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