Supergirl 5×18 – The Missing Link | Review


Published on May 11, 2020


Supergirl arrives at its penultimate episode of this Season 5 strong episode last week totally focused on Lex Luthor – our review HERE. Specifically, the episode, one of the best this season, he showed the path backward of Lex from his awakening in the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths in an intricate plan that, by manipulating allies and enemies in unison, had as goal to steal the secrets of the Leviathan.

To do so, Lex had not hesitated to release a Devourer of Suns that had kept her busy Supergirl allowing it to infiltrate into the Fortress of Solitude and then leaving Lena and the same heroine to accuse each other while he had managed finally to convince Gemma/Gamemnae of the alliance.

From here starts the episode of this week entitled The Missing Link. Lex runs in to help Lena: the project does Not Damage has in fact suffered a small stop when one of the detainees subjected to the treatment has “awakened”. Soon this isolated case infects the other inmates who lose control in a horde, thirsting for violence.

Supergirl and his allies are trying to investigate in parallel the flaw of the lenses and Obsidian, and track the location of the secret lair of the Leviathan. Now it is evident the connection between Leviathan and Lex but their search for clues is slowed down by the return of Rama Khan.

The clash, however, leads also unintended consequences when Brainiac excludes Supergirl and Dreamer from the interrogation of Khan: the expense is the headquarter of the DEO and the contents of its safes, but, above all, the trust of Supergirl and Dreamer in respect of the same Brainiac.

The whole is obviously to the advantage of the plans of Lex luthor.

After the great episode last week this is The "Missing Link" is an episode heavy, and not timely that moves the nervous among the most sci-fi and prosthetics traditional and unusual thriller, and espionage, which, however, does not take off not even thanks to the guest star Sean Astin.

The first half of the episode is cumbersome with a direction that hardly follows a script, overwhelmed by the need to hold together too many narrative strands at the same time and at the end he takes refuge in the passages of drama or romance discounted or free of stain.

By contrast there is to say that The Missing Link seems to want to start to clear the field from some of these narrative strands are secondary and the emergence of Lex Luthor as an antagonist helped by another test of acting is convincing from a Jon Cryer now fell perfectly in the hand and catapulted into the Top 5, if not Top 3, of the Superman film/television.

The episode running out and then the mesh on Brainiac and Lena, but the feeling is that of 45 minutes or less in the order of the episodes was initially planned, would be a mere “step” towards the series final and instead find themselves preparing the ground for the season finale next week.

In this regard, the expectations for the episode next week are mixed because you have to see how the sense of apparent incompleteness is complying with a cliffhanger that will not be actually the greeting of this Season 5 waiting to know the future of the series.

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