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Published on May 04, 2020


Supergirl is the last of the series of the Arrowverse to return after the long and forced break due to a health emergency caused by the Coronavirus, which has blocked both the production of the series is the television schedules.

We left the series, more than a month ago now, with an episode weak, almost in passing – our review HERE – that it had confirmed the time is not shiny in the series. In the middle of a series of suggestions for social, related to the themes LGBT and diversity always dear to the series, and is a component drama is very pronounced, in the last few episodes was the fact overwhelming the narrative due to an error in the programming of the Lenses Platinum Obsidian Tech, created ad hoc and exploited, of course, Leviathan.

This week's episode titled Deus Lex Machina resume exactly from here, with Lex, who has found the place where the Leviathan held the bodies of all those who were stuck in the virtual reality of the lens, telling it to back the “new” Lex since his role in Crisis on Infinite Earths and the awakening in a world that had welcomed him as a philanthropist.

Meticulously we assist in all stages of a plan calibrated to the perfection in which some of the events of past episodes are clarified. The alliance with Lena, the return of Miss Tessmacher and the death of Jeremiah, the acquisition of Obsidian and the research of the covenant with Leviathan.

Everything is a perfect machine that is managed personally by a Lex that makes a small masterpiece: put Supergirl and his allies on the trail of the other people who are missing and presumably in the hands of Leviathan, and in so doing creating a collision course between his enemies in a double, indeed triple, the game will benefit in the end only him.

After a few passing episode, Supergirl prepares one of the episodes the best of this Season 5, and one of the most courageous of the whole series and all the Arrowverse with this Deus Lex Machina.

Less spectacular and certainly less picturesque than many of the other villain in the DC Universe, Lex Luthor is perhaps the most lethal because of the grandiosity of his plans and his meticulous care in putting them on point, and Jon Cryer in this episode manages to capture perfectly the sense with a test acting really superlative kissed by a script very effective that takes advantage of the narrative back in a timely manner and with a directorial debut of Melissa Benoist solid and cool that puts the action in exalting, most of the plot and its multiple twist.

It is rare, very rare, to see a series in the Arrowverse spend an entire episode in order to deepen, shape, and make it really believable as a villain and for this reason Deus Lex Machina is a pleasant surprise that suddenly instills a lymph narrative to the series that is thus closer in spite of himself at the end of the season is premature but with a twist definitely high.

The return of Supergirl so it is definitely a positive doing well-hope its in the above the end of the season that, while it was truncated may be well-designed towards the next season, creating the hype that is often missing in the Arrowverse.

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