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Published on Mar 16, 2020


With the episode of last week – our review HERE – Supergirl was reported, with an episode far of the step, but equally compelling, at the center of the attention of the spectators from one side of the narrative strands related to Andrea Rojas and the Obsidian Tech, and on the other, to Lena and technology Non Nocere.

The driving force of the episode was, however, was Lex Luthor, who is moving expertly the actors of the events, including the same Supergirl, was able to win the trust of Gemma Cooper and access to the restricted circles of the Leviathan.

The events of this episode they touch tangentially to those of the episode this week titled Reality Bytes.

Nia accompanies a friend to an appointment in the dark. The friend, Yvette, undergoes, however, an assault motivated by hatred of transgender people. All to attract their champion... Dreamer.

While the police starts the investigations, the heroine is determined to find and punish the culprit, but Supergirl invites you to the calm. The invitation, unfortunately, is disregarded, and the Dreamer is likely to cross that line that delineates the heroes from the vigilantes.

In parallel with J'onn and Alex investigate the disappearance of an alien who was participating in a retreat to test the lens for augmented reality Obsidian.

Their programming, however perfect and can replicate the reality and his feelings, still has some holes that someone unscrupulous decided to take advantage of that to give vent to your own obsessions. It would seem, however, that these flaws are somehow intentional...

Supergirl, and Alex, meanwhile, receives an unexpected piece of news about their father Jeremiah.

Reality Bytes is, as the episode of last week, attributed to the circle of the so-called episodes-of-passage and, if you were to describe it with one adjective, it would be natural to label it as generous.

Unfortunately, however, it is not enough generosity to revive the fortunes of an episode that blandly and with no particular stain you connect to the main plots, preferring to travel on two tracks in the secondary of one of the two definitely address those social instances that only a very few occasions have managed to blend in with the tone of the series.

If the narrative of Alex, in fact, it is up to the task of keeping straight the navigation bar with the references to Levithan and the Obsidian Tech, the Dreamer is in the focus, instead, on treating the theme of crime to the racial and sexual community, trans.

The first one is managed in a very linear and direct, offering no particular insights if to keep alive the attention on the connection between Levithan and the Obsidian Tech, the second – in which he pours all the generosity of the episode – tries to discuss a topic of relevance also being able to baste premise interesting but unfortunately the end is overly dramatic which makes the loss of lucidity at all.

Reality Bytes is not an episode in a brilliant, solid, perhaps with greater foresight would also result in more meaningful and concrete.

As we know, the production of the Fifth Season of Supergirl has stopped to prevent the possibility of infection by Coronavirus, and in theory we still have two episodes before the break, we'll see if The CW decides to send them still on the air.

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