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Published on Mar 23, 2020


Last week, Supergirl was granted an episode theme, indeed doubly-theme – our review HERE. The main protagonist, in fact, had been Dreamer, or better Nia bringing attention to those social issues that were missing from a bit inside the series.

In particular, the focus was on those LGBT with a plot that was centred on a series of crimes based on hatred towards that community and had involved Yvette, a friend of the Nia, all to find out and “punish” your own Dreamer.

The episode was certainly generous but less concrete and more significant than expected due to a final overly dramatic that it had sweetened the whole.

In the while, however, the episode had brought forward a narrative secondary: a hole in the programming of the Lenses Platinum Obsidian Tech. The hole in reality was “intentional” and apparently that is provided by Lex to his new allies of Leviathan for purposes yet to be ascertain.

The event was then concluded with unexpected news: Jeremiah Danvers, father of Kara and Alex, had died.

From these two ideas again this week's episode, entitled Alex in Wonderland.

Alex has problems to manage the news of the death of the father, quarrels with Kara and decides not to attend his funeral vigil. In an attempt to find solace in the mourning then decides to use Lenses Platinum, noticing the soon to be locked.

Fortunately, however, both Kelly and William are investigating in parallel on the hole of programming – the first from the technical point of view, the second following the tracks of some extinct – and they understand immediately that there is something wrong with the catatonic Alex that it is precisely within the virtual reality will come to terms with his mourning.

Continues the streak of episodes of passage for Supergirl that uses the secondary characters of the series to carry forward with a sedate pace, rather pacatissimo, a series of narrative strands which should be covered as in the main storyline as we get closer to season finale.

This week it's the turn of Alex, the protagonist of an episode that suffers from a lot of almost up to 10 minutes and the final development granted, less incisive devoid of stain, and that in fact does not create neither interest nor voltage such as to keep the attention of the viewer high.

The run of mourning through the escape into virtual reality is a topos abused and revised from the same series in different variations, the final obvious and predictable then.

The only positive note is the ability of the writers involved, to channel everything into the narrative of the malfunction of the lenses doing so, however, progressing very little at all.

Supergirl/Kara practically absent for the whole episode and it grieves me to say it, but Chyler Leigh – the interpreter of Alex – not alone shoulder the weight of an entire episode, especially when they have to accentuate the drama of his interpretation.

Alex in Wonderland is one of the episodes weakest of this Season 5 that we hope to end this run of episodes pass definitely up-and-down for quality and for “utility”.

Supergirl stops. Its production is suspended due to Coronavirus, we hope that the situation has returned to normal and that the series manages to give the conclusion of this Season 5, especially after the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths had found a new vitality.

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