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Published on Mar 09, 2020


We had left Supergirl two weeks ago with an episode of celebration, the 100th for the series, not too convincing – our review HERE.

The return of a character sui generis as Mr. Mxyzptlk was not able to capture the essence of a plot lopsided half-way between the classic Back to the Future, and elseworld the most interesting, and that in reality he was playing with one of the great topoi of the literature and prosthetics: the secret identity and the consequences that his revelation may lead to.

Limiting ourselves then to the events of the past season, the episode was not, in fact managed to celebrate the prestigious and important milestone reached by the series.

We had left three weeks ago Alex losing his job as the director of the DEO and it is from here that starts this week's episode titled Bodyguard.

Andrea Rojas is ready to launch on a global scale of its lenses for virtual reality Obsidian, but a series of attacks on his person, and a manifesto of anti-technology, put in danger of his life, and of course also the launch of the product.

Is Lex to capitalize on the situation by proposing to Gemma Cooper, the leader of the Leviathan, a way to protect your investment: use Supergirl as a bodyguard of Andrea.

Although reluctant, the heroine accepts, but asking for the help of Alex and J'onn to discover the source of the threats that will prove to be, of course, connected to the Obsidian Tech and its employee.

Lena, meanwhile, proceeds in the development of its Non Nocere with a first phase of testing in the prison of National City. Soon, however, what seemed to be a resounding success reveals yet another failure, it will be Lex to provide the opportunity for correct fire.

Overcome the impending threat, will not only be Supergirl to collect a win, but in an unexpected manner the same Lex Luthor.

Bodyguard is the most classic episode of step that serves as a showrunner and writers to take stock of the situation and return to the centre of the attention of the audience those that are the main plots of this so far, all in all a fruitful second part of the Fifth Season.

With a villain of the week is fairly general, but still effective, are then derived from the narrative strands related to Andrea Rojas and Lena linked by the development of lenses on one side and the technology does Not Damage the other.

The pin of the episode, however, is the Leviathan, or to better say, Lex Luthor with his machinations to enter into his circle. Jon Cryer prepares yet another convincing proof in the iconic role of the antagonist par excellence supermaniano raising considerably the bar if nothing else in terms of credibility of the plot horizontal, albeit at a whooping has begun to take shape well defined only after the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, and especially because of its consequences.

There is also time in the final minutes to explore the new status quo of Alex and the love of Kara, this is still a bit forced.

After the setback really unmotivated last week, and then Supergirl resumes his race in a solid but not spectacular, focusing on realize the “bad guys” and leaving the heroes some action scene and/or narrative strands that are secondary.

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