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Published on Feb 24, 2020


We have already had occasion to stress that Supergirl has greatly benefited from the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths capitalizing in a decisive manner its consequences, and thereby give a decisive turning to his plots and submitting an article to the series to follow in the Arrowverse now orphaned of its flagship Arrow.

An inertia positive that had culminated in the last two episodes, a story in two parts, which we had laid off last week – our review of the episode HERE – where the ingenious machinations set in motion by Lex Luthor, with the return of a Winslow Schott evil from another universe, able to attract the real Winn in the present and the future of which had been distorted, had revealed the true aims vis-à-vis Leviathan: the secrets of the immortality of its members.

This week's episode, the thirteenth of the fifth season and the 100th of the series, entitled " It's a Super Life, it starts with the unexpected visit of... Mr Mxyzptlk.

The elf from the Fifth Dimension still wants to make amends for the latest foray into our world and this offers Kara to “fix” his relationship with Lena degenerate after the discovery/revelation of his secret identity.

Go back in time and fix things of course, unleash a resounding domino effect with Kara and the goblin's that seek the exact moment in which to interact with Supergirl and Lena. From a reality in which the revelation of the secret identity of Kara unleashes a wave of fanaticism, also comes to the point of no return, that is, a reality where the Reign and Brainiac have taken over.

It will be up to Mxyzptlk fix everything with the help of Supergirl and the heroes left to fight.

It's a Super Life is a 100 episode quite disappointing and devoid of stain, tone, lopsided, and fails to celebrate the prestigious milestone achieved by the series.

The irreverent tone, that the presence of a character sui generis as Mr Mxyzptlk assumes is not centered because of a plot that is more committed to squeezing the eye to the gold standard formula of the classic Back to the Future in pursue, instead, the choices more personal.

For the casual viewer is certainly interesting to dive into one of the great topoi of the literature and prosthetics: the secret identity and the consequences that his revelation may lead to.

Sometimes the episode takes the form of an interesting elseworld but the choice of return almost exclusively on the events of the past season, and limit the good intentions of the writers.

Ultimately, then, It's a Super Life is an unexpected setback for an episode that you would be able to get much better from multiple points of view in regards to both the plots and the narrative strands of this Fifth Season, both from the point of view purely of celebration for Supergirl.

A turning point then less decided and decisive with regard to the great inertia positive gained from the series and must therefore quickly resume the land from the next episode, confirming the impression of the best series to follow in the Arrowverse and maintaining the freshest possible references to the material comics original.

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