Supergirl 5×09 – Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One | Review


Published on Dec 09, 2019


In the episode of the last week of Supergirl – our review HERE – we had witnessed the first real clash between the heroine and the Leviathan in the person of its leader Rama Khan. What is actually the Leviathan is still a mystery because the Girl of Steel has had to face in the plane of the Lena to expand his mental control over all the Earth.

The help had come, unexpected, to J'onn, but especially by his brother Malefic freed from captivity of the same Lena. The episode finally came to an end with the appearance of the Monitor and the revelation that Lex Luthor was still alive, saved, in view of the impending Crisis.

And here she is arriving in all its destructive fury, and after months of preparation between photos and casting announced surprise, the Crisis with this week's episode of Supergirl, the ninth for this fifth season, titled, unequivocally, the Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One.

The wave of destructive energy is spreading throughout the Multiverse, absorbing universes coming to touch the places, old and new, including, of course, Earth-38, the home of Supergirl.

Before reaching the Land, however on his way there is Argo City where Lois and Clark have given birth to little Jonathan. The minutes are counted and are sure of their fate, and entrust the child to a rocket.

On the Earth, on the contrary, on the Lands, Lyla became Harbinger is gathering the heroes for the final battle: Flash, Atom, and White Canary, Batwoman, Arrow, and its My daughter. The appointment is on Earth-38 in the meantime, the Monitor has warped Clark and Lois.

This last together with White Canary and Brainiac travel to 2046 to retrieve the little Jonathan reincontrando Old Oliver, the version with the bionic arm seen some of the season of Arrow.

The Earth heroes begin evacuation of the planet thanks to alien ships present, and a tower erected by the Monitor capable of slowing down the wave of anti-matter. In the battle to defend it and to complete the evacuation, however, the Crisis will make its first excellent victim among the heroes... perhaps the future expected by the Monitor is not as certain as you thought!

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One, after months of anticipation, it's the first chapter pretty obvious and the slower pace of expected.

A good part of the episode was in fact dedicated to the construction with the recruitment of the various heroes and their meeting culminates with the confrontation between Barry and Oliver both in their own way are destined to the ultimate sacrifice during the Crisis. The writers decide not to give up and try to keep the bar straight up to insert narrative elements related to those of the current season of Supergirl with a comparison between Alex and Lena, and the return of Clark and Lois.

Many of the easter-egg already in the opening – from Batman ’66 to one of Tim Burton going through a bit of a surprise to Titans! – and so many references to past crossover of the Arrowverse as well as to the events of the past seasons.

The episode then grows in the final minutes, albeit with a plot that involves a bit of effort to the viewer and culminates with the most the excellent death – real or presumed in the end – and with the evacuation of Earth-38 is to think about a new status quo for the Arrowverse in which all the Lands were joined on the lines of the Crisis in the comic book original.

In short, this Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One is an episode in the propaedeutic with a few discrete time that is a beginning as much crackling as you could imagine just a few weeks ago.

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