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Published on Nov 18, 2019


The episode of the last week of Supergirl – our review HERE – it was served as a side to give substance to the relationship between Lena and Andrea Rojas, the new entry in the cast of which we had up to that point we had only had some generic information, but most of all it was served to introduce a more organic Leviathan, the mysterious organization behind the major events of this fifth season.

The confession of Andrew to be an agent of Leviathan sets in motion a series of events, including a raid in the headquarters of the DEO to free Rip Roar, that make manifest the existence of the Leviathan, even a Supergirl and its allies.

But who or what is Leviathan? This is an organization devoted to espionage, or a secret society of mystics?

From here starts the episode this week, titled Tremors.

Supergirl and all the DEO working around the clock to find out more about Leviathan, but the clues available are very few. Also Lena, meanwhile, moves to carry out his plans, and after the visit of an agent of Leviathan decides to craft a plan to be able to enter even in the Fortress of Solitude of course tricking Supergirl.

J'onn, meanwhile, asks for help, the afflicted father yet to the fate of his brother, Malefic, who is convinced he's sent into the Phantom Zone, their meeting will be rather dramatic within a cell.

Lena is attacked on purpose by Leviathan or rather by its leader Rama Khan, and being saved by Supergirl manages to get access to the Fortress. While the heroine is distracted by a new assault on Khan, Lena tries to steal Myriad, but being discovered by Supergirl is forced to reveal his intentions.

Tremors is an episode in the eighth and confused because of a sudden accelerated textures, frankly unwarranted at this point of the season, and a handful of episodes from the event crossover Crisis on Earth Endless, and full of a component drama cloying.

Leviathan changes once the skin and after organization dedicated to the espionage and mystique now becomes, apparently, a coven of beings that the ancient, perhaps alien.

While the script should focus in giving substance to the villain so suddenly as grossly decides to add a component of drama heavy, both in the comparison between J'onn and his father before and between J'onn and Malefic after, and especially in the hard but piagnucoloso comparison between Supergirl and Lena.

It is mainly Lena to get out of it battered: her character so far has been really abused and bent to the needs of the plots really slender that may have compromised the credibility from every point of view.

For us not to miss anything then the writers decide to “distract us” and revive the component of romance with the troubled story of Alex.

Very little substance and too much “improvisation” make Tremors one of the episodes more raffazzonati of this already difficult season. Where we want to go still remains a mystery and the lack of reference to the event that crossover confirms this lack of vision of the showrunner and writers: the episodes available are still many, but the road is certainly uphill.

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