Supergirl 5×07 – The Wrath of Rama Khan | Review


Published on Dec 02, 2019


After the break last week returns Supergirl with what is practically the episode that precedes the first part of the crossover event Crisis on Earth Infinite.

In the last episode – our review HERE – we had left the series with a revelation and a cliffhanger: Lena had confessed to Supergirl to get to know his secret identity.

This revelation occurred only after a complex plot. The woman was made to stick to the way by Leviathan or rather by its leader Rama Khan to then be saved by Supergirl managing to get the access to the Fortress. While the heroine was distracted by the assault of Khan, Lena had stolen the Myriad.

This week's episode, titled The Wrath of Rama Khan, begins with Brainy and Alex that frees Supergirl from the Fortress. Now it is time to manage two fronts: on the one side, Lena must be treated as a real threat to stop before it puts in place his plan; and on the other there is the Leviathan, and Rama Khan willing to give the bottom of all of its resources to reassert his leadership and his control over the planet even coming to cause a natural disaster of apocalyptic proportions.

Supergirl is convinced to return Lena to the straight path, while Alex is the opposing view so much as to prepare even the Claymore to counter it. Also J'onn tries to offer his help bringing in the headquarters of the DEO, the brother Malefic, explaining that until that moment had been kept prisoner just from Lena.

Khan also puts him in act his plan, which threatens to raze National City, forcing Supergirl and J'onn to intervene. However, it will be Malefic to give the help needed to stop Lena, who, while admitting that the defeat can came using the most classic of tricks from villain...

Just when the threats appear to have been removed will appear on the Monitor revealing how a character thought dead in reality was brought to life to tackle the imminent Crisis.

The Wrath of Rama Khan is an episode from the discrete rhythm that apparently has the task of closing this first part of the fifth season in a dignified manner and facilitated by the revelations in the final minutes, which are ideally the way to the crossover event Crisis on Earth Infinite that will start next week and provide new ideas for the series and for the continuation of the season.

The writers capitalize equally discreetly the cliffhanger of the previous episode while leaning very heavy, especially in the first part of the episode, on the component of the drama, and the relationship irreparably compromised between the Kara and the Lena.

From the middle onwards, the episode takes courage and despite not benefitting from a plot particularly brilliant fails to move convincingly the pawns on the chessboard messy and lazy for this fifth season, also taking advantage of the appearance of the Monitor.

The doubts remain: the event crossover has just been mentioned in the previous episodes, while the plots of the series remain slender with a little convincing of the Leviathan, and the character of Lena who is only in the last two episodes have shown that the brightness of the past season.

All we can do is to wait for the conclusion of the crossover, hoping that its consequences give an extra boost to the season so far, very little is effective.

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