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Published on Nov 11, 2019


The episode of the last week of Supergirl – our review HERE – had tacked a lot of territories from the spy-thriller echoing the plot of Leviathan, whom he had dismissed in the past season and beginning to enter into the picture wider than the plots still most bitter of this fifth season.

Specifically, we discovered that the new companion Kara, William Dey, was actually an undercover agent intent to debride the tangled skein of the murder of his ex-partner in which was immischiata Andrea Rojas, the new owner of CatCo. The Worldwide Media.

Supergirl and the Deo on the other hand were able to catch the meta-human Rip Roar under whose mask hid your ex-partner William! What is the mysterious Leviathan.

This week's episode titled Confidence Women starts with the escape attempt of a Roar for the hand of a mysterious figure able to teleport... it's Andrea!

The woman is willing to deal with the ex-lover, now an agent and asks the help of Lena, giving her the first details about the mysterious organization Leviathan.

Thus begins a long sequence in analessi in which we discover how the two met and what they shared in the course of the years between disappointment professional, impossible missions, and families that in some way have “repudiated”.

In one of these impossible missions Andrea will be in contact with Leviathan, and from there will begin his “fortune” but became an agent.

With the technology perfected by Lena thanks to the skills of Malefic, Andrea succeeds in breaking into the headquarters of the DEO and free Rip Roar but not without dramatic consequences.

It is anything but an episode, this perfect Confidence Women who takes advantage of the great suggestions in the narrative of the previous episode for the packaging of made an episode entirely focused on Lena and Andrea delving into the background of the latter.

Imperfect because the long sequence in analessi, or the whole of the central part of the episode, does not stand up well tiring the viewer with some of the steps redundant. However, the sense of analessi not only was this show the past of the two women, as opposed to connection with Leviathan that it's a bit awkward and cartoony, but still attributable to what is the plot of the previous episodes.

The plot seems to want to bend the Leviathan into territory that is decidedly less spy/thriller and the most mystical (!) fortunately, however, the final, thanks to a sequence of action simple, but well-built, raised slightly its twist by correcting then, for the skin of our teeth, the umpteenth screenplay perhaps a little too campy even for Supergirl.

What positive can you draw from this sixth episode is that Supergirl seems to have pursue the way of narrative linked to the Leviathan so as to make them the pivot of all the events. While there is still a precision, the effort is surely appreciated in the light of a new beginning that is anything but positive and strong for the upcoming event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths that monopolizzerà the series in December.

We are still far, unfortunately, not only the sufficiency but also something that involves the viewer and the thing that turn up a little’ nose is a certain listlessness to the bottom of screenwriters and showrunner.

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