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Published on Nov 04, 2019


With the episode of last week – our review HERE – Supergirl had tried to finally give a bit of concreteness to the various narrative strands that had been presented in a way that is not all-organic in the first four episodes of this fifth season.

Specifically, on the one hand there was an important turning point for the subplot of Malefic, the brother to the evil of J onn J onnz, which had been “captured” by Lena safe you can use it for your own crazy plans and the other had begun to take shape better, the one linked to Obsidian Technologies and to the mysterious trail of mysterious murders committed by metahumans that they had brought Kara to discover that his snooty colleague William Dey is actually an agent undercover.

From here takes the fifth episode of the fifth season titled Dangerous Liaisons.

Kara involving William and the DEO in the investigations on the meta-goons trying to find the red wire in the wake of the murders. It really is Andrea Rojas, the principal?

The only track that is passable is the one linked to the goal in housing that reveals the identity of another killer: Rip Roar. In this way, Alex to link with the theft of a dangerous weapon to the meta trying to understand the goal.

Lena, meanwhile, makes a pact with the Malefic: remove the mental block that prevents him from kill J'onn in exchange for his ability to calibrate definitively the machine allows the control of other beings.

While the Obsidian Technologies launches its lenses to virtual reality, Supergirl and her team understand that the conspiracy is much wider, so wide as to trigger a natural disaster thanks to the stolen weapon. Who is really behind this mysterious and dangerous crime wave?

Lena, instead, derives the maximum profit from Malefic showing his ruthless lucidity.

Dangerous Liaisons has actually the merit to begin to eliminate a number of redundant elements that have marked the first four episodes of the season starting to focus on the narrative strands main.

This is especially the case in the first part of the episode when the script has a decided turn towards the territories from the spy story so as to make it also useful a character as William Dey's so far true mysterious object.

Sin, which in the course of the next minutes the plot is complicate without special needs, interspersed by the narrative of Lena and Malefic, which is still too cartoonish to be taken seriously.

This fifth episodes will then show the potential to take off this season but also shows the evident uncertainties not only from the point of view of the script but also from that of the tone. Not missing, in fact, the attempt to insert forcibly a romantic component that breaks the rhythm and dampens a little bit the conclusion of the episode itself.

As done in the past season, it would be interesting to see how the series would develop if you focus on the sub-plot of Leviathan perhaps by inserting those instances in the social that they had definitely had been given an air current instead of loiter between ideas sci-fi free of stain and turn drama/romantic without head nor tail.

At this point, it's already November, and we expect that Supergirl fits in the broader discourse of the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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