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Published on Oct 28, 2019


The episode last week, though with the first part is very, very preparation he had had a surge in the final, bringing the attention back on the fight between J'onn and his brother Malefic – our review of the episode HERE.

The martian green traitor has pointed to Kelly, the sister of James, and girlfriend of Alex, by establishing with her a dangerous psychic link and she has had to abandon temporarily National City.

Supergirl had faced a aurafaciano, and a killer alien arachniforme, mysteriously killed shortly before being taken into custody.

Just from the attack of Malefic echo the events of this fourth episode entitled In Plain Sight.

James and Kelly are headed in their hometown, finding in very bad condition, with the economy based on the private jail was built in two steps from the city's most popular. Supergirl is instead distracted by the stunning discovery of Nia: their new and snooty colleague William would seem to have more of a secret linked to his life and to his profession. The heroine follows him to Mexico City where one of the employees of the Obsidian Worlwide, the new owner of CatCo. Worldwide Media, has been murdered.

Alex and J'onn ask the help of Lena to face the Malefic powers and attacks are becoming more daring. Not being able to control Kelly, the martian decides to take control directly of Alex, putting a strain on J'onn.

However, even for Malefic this attack will be too bold by encasing the first defeat back in the Phantom Zone or maybe not...

James, instead, after seeing the terrible conditions of his home town decide to ritrasfersi there to give a hand.

Supergirl continues to struggle in finding the right rhythm for this fifth season and the fourth episode, In Plain Sight, it is unfortunately the demonstration.

The best episode of the week focuses on the first part and in the final minutes that is when from the one hand, the attention focuses on Malefic – villain just sketched, but functional in the role of “hunter” with the Team, Supergirl is put to the test – while on the other it deepens the story to be a “conspiracist” in the centre, William, the series of murders, and Andrea Rojas, the new owner of CatCo.

In the middle, unfortunately, there is little, and very confused. The bulk are taken cues drama, romantic and comedy without too much conviction so as to be more than tiresome, redundant.

The narrative strands of Lena and Malefic are then involved in the final solution, which probably will benefit the most to the before the martian.

The episode also is a prerequisite to the final scene of the James Olsen who decides to return to his hometown and resume the activities of journalist and photographer and ideally closed the circle of this version very determined character, all in all, interpreted definitely in a different way and extremely modern from a great solar and Mehcad Brooks.

There is some faint sign of life from the point of view of the writing of this episode but the beginning of the series is anything but exciting.

Grieves me to say so, after the last two discrete seasons, but currently, Supergirl is one of the weakest links of the Arrowverse: free of stain and planning, the series must quickly recover ground.

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