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Published on Oct 27, 2019


The episode last week – our review HERE – concentrated on the attack immediately to J'onn with the Team for Supergirl, which, in different directions, had tried to understand the causes and especially the effects. Digging deep into the mind of a martian we came up to the war between the white martians and green... discovering that among the ranks of the greens, there had been a traitor... Malefic, the brother of J'onn!

In the meantime, Lena had begun her revenge, even if Kara has confessed to be Supergirl. The woman was divided from Eve, erasing the memory as the first step of an insane plan to develop a device that can eliminate the ability to lie in humans.

From here starts the third episode of this fifth season of Supergirl titled Blurred Lines.

J'onn is willing to discover more about the brother and his betrayal, and for this asks for help to Nia and her powers, and adding details to an already confused scenario: Malefic had limited capabilities compared to the other martians, and this is why the father had decided to isolate it by bringing it to hate the green...

Kara, meanwhile, investigates a mysterious murder when the victim has a tattoo on the heart. A series of murders have been commissioned with a peculiar alien race.

Lena, instead, deceives Kara, persuading it to recover some of the notes of the Lex which would be useful to complete his research, which obviously Kara herself is in the dark.

Also Malefic moves tricking Kelly in an attempt to find a “cure” to his powers malfunctioning and forcing her to a momentary separation from Alex.

As happened with the episode of last week this also Blurred Lines is not very convincing in showing how the fifth season of Supergirl is in fact navigating to the view having not yet found a way precise with which to develop the various narrative strands.

In particular, the screenplay of the episode jumps from narrative to narrative without ever sink the shot time, giving priority to the one of J'onn, who could really be called the principal this early in the season, and now on those with the protagonist, Kara/Supergirl with the “villain of the week” and Lena while a margin is space that Nia and Brainiac 5 is frankly cloying.

In this pinwheel, very little precise seems nowhere in sight that that will probably be the plot to the horizontal, which we will take forward up to the end of the season or that the Leviathan is mentioned at the end of last season, and that seems to be the instigator of the murders commissioned for this episodes, it would seem, because in fact, in clues, we are granted very few.

It's amazing, unfortunately in the negative, even as in a few episodes showrunner and writers have in some way “sick” the two main characters as J'onn, too weighed down his narrative to be a component of the drama, excessive, and Lena becomes a villain “from the cartoon” the floor of which is, frankly, funny and not credible.

As The Flash Supergirl is struggling to find solid ground in this early in the season. If, however, the Sprinter Scarlet can take refuge in the event of crossover in December which will be the protagonist, Supergirl has not, for the moment, not even mentioned to the Crisis by either this “stall” at times even more nerve-wracking.

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