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Published on May 20, 2019


We had left Supergirl in the last week with an episode that had marked the success of the incredible machinations of Lex Luthor – our review HERE.

Lex had helped him and pushed the Kaznia to an unlikely invasion of the USA for a while but then rise to the role of savior by putting ko the Red Daughter, the doppelganger of Supergirl, who had been distracted, and almost killed, the heroine.

From here, recall the events of the twenty-second episode and season finale of the fourth season of Supergirl, entitled The Quest for Peace – a title that recalls one of the films most controversial dedicated to the Man of Steel.

Supergirl is frightened to death thanks to the support of Alex, who has recovered the memory. Now, however, we need to act quickly, not only because Lex has on his side the support of public opinion but because you have to avoid the massacre of the forces kazniane and also find out why Lex is accumulating the vital energy of the aliens.

While J'onn and Dreamer are in spite of them, the infiltrates in the place where are gathered the aliens, Supergirl flies to prevent the outbreak of the conflict.

Lex reveals to his sister and to his mother his true plan after having imprisoned the Red Daughter: wipe out Argo City, and with her all the kryptonians, using a satellite powered by the energy of the aliens.

It's up to J'onn and Dreamer prevent the launch of the satellite, guided by Brainiac while Supergirl will face Lex. Alex and James, meanwhile, face Ben Lockwood.

It will be the providential intervention of the Red Daughter to provide you with the opening decisive for the victory of Supergirl. It is, however, Lena the last to face Lex, who reveals to her sister the secret identity of Supergirl!

However, this is not the last revelation... even Lex may have been a pawn as well as the appearance of the Monitor heralds a new enemy to J'onn, and a new role for the same Lex.

It's a season finale lightning-fast and all action to this fourth season of Supergirl that brings with it some interesting, and surprising ideas for the upcoming season, in addition to sow the first clues to the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, that it now seems clear monopolizzerà already the beginning of the series in the Arrowverse in the next year.

To be completely honest, the episode is fairly linear and capitalizes the most on the excellent construction of the previous episodes on what happens especially in the first part of this season finale. The victory of our is obvious enough and the writers don't even try to put it in doubt, follow in an orderly manner and parallel to the three narrative strands and then relax in the last 15 minutes is no passing on the territories of the drama/romantic is revelations the most important.

And it is here that the episode is really its raison d'être. If Jon Cryer offers a superlative performance, bearing on his shoulders the whole of the success of the first part of the episode, the revelations in the end are far from ends in themselves and highlight all the goodness of the project of the showrunner.

On the one hand a great Lex Luthor was a prerequisite in the path that is maturing in a smart and methodical Lena in the true villain of the series, on the other, the choice of using an item that appeared a few week in the comics looks intriguing and stimulating.

Supergirl came from a season that had channeled side supereroico and science fiction in a more that satisfactory. The departure of Supergirl 4 was diametrically opposed to yet he was able to focus in an excellent manner on relevant social topics in an equally intelligent, with a good villain. Pity that the middle part of the season was weighted by the choices quite intermediate in which the showrunner and writers have struggled to bring together the social "soul" of the series with the most “classic”. The arrival of Lex Luthor has certainly helped but has not been able to do miracles, fortunately the season finale as stupid as he opened scenarios really interesting for the next season.

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