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Published on May 13, 2019


In the episode last week – our review HERE – we had attended the trip in Kaznia, Lena and Kara, who had not only led to the discovery of the incredible plan of Lex – encourage the invasion of the United States on the part of the small but belligerent state, but also of the existence of the Red Daughter that is the doppelganger of Supergirl born because of the Harun-El as seen at the end of last season.

On his home in the meantime, the tension between Lockwood and the face pro-the alien had degenerated into very violent clashes where the same Lockwood was the protagonist. After he discovered the properties of Harun-El, in fact, if it was injected in a dose of obtaining superpowers.

Back in the USA, Kara was immediately brought by the President to provide all the evidence of the conspiracy of Lex discovering, however, that the President himself is, in all probability, in the pay of the same Lex.

From here, recall the events of the episode this week titled Red Dawn.

Kara runs away from the oval office, but not before having had a first skirmish with the Red Daughter, the wound still managed to get back in National City where he discovers that Alex is on the trail of his look-alike evil.

Lena, meanwhile, seeks the help of the mother to counteract the effects of the Harun-El and lift it from the body of Lockwood has become uncontrollable.

All the efforts, albeit in different directions, are intended to locate the Lex and prevent his plan from taking place. While Lena and James follow Lockwood, Kara and Alex are put on the trail of the Red Daughter.

However, they are Brainiac and J'onn to do the discovery more gruesome on the deportations of aliens by revealing a part of the plan of Lex still dark and extremely disturbing.

While Kara confronts his doppelganger in a battle almost fatal, Lex brings to completion his plan.

After a run of episodes quite interlocutors, Supergirl is a plot again balance on which to move in view of the season finale next week.

Capitalizing to the maximum on the good things, just to tell you the truth, I did see in the past few weeks the writers make an episode as tense, based on the fear generated by the plan/conspiracy put together by Lex Luthor.

However, instead of sitting on their laurels, the writing is smart because the minute he manages to amplify the sense of threat of this plan, showing first a aspect creepy – the conversion of aliens into pure energy – and then actually making it materialize while the Red Daughter rises to the task of mere distraction and a tool.

Pity that Red Dawn uses a few minutes too to fuel really the fault of the first part, excessively laid and intricate when, for example, the events of Brainiac seems to be disconnected from the general context. If you add to this some of the time, which shows in an excessive way the component drama and the epilogue a little too “imaginative” the war between Supergirl and the Red Daughter to the disappointment of an episode that he could really reach a higher mark, there is everything.

With only the season finale at your disposal is time for showrunner and writers to sum up some of the plot left hanging for too long and give them sense – Lockwood a on all – and provide the right cues for the already confirmed fifth season.

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