Supergirl 4×20 – " Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up? | Review


Published on May 06, 2019


We had left Supergirl in the last week with an episode – our review HERE – which had had a remarkable intuition: move the attention on Kara and the high quality of its journalistic aside from Supergirl.

This choice, dictated by the machinations of Lex Luthor, who had increased the tension in the conflict between humans and aliens, no matter how bright it had sin in execution, with a showrunner and writers who evidently did not want to risk with a clear choice, and the firm and were carried out in parallel with the sub-plot of James and the consequences caused by Harun-El and Nia become the new champion of National City.

The episode then it was concluded with Kara that he had discovered the links of Lex in Kasnia, and Ben Lockwood, leader of the front anti-alien, a victim of its own cycle of violence that had established. His wife was murdered by an alien in revenge for the rounding up.

These two important events resumes this week's episode titled, " Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?.

Kara and Lena decide to go in Kaznia, where their arrival will be as turbulent as bizarre. The workshops made in the foot by Lex are deserted, but with evident signs of the mysterious Amertek, while the only living soul is... Eve.

What is he doing there all alone, the traitor number 1 and especially because it seems to suffer a sort of amnesia?

National City National City meanwhile, Lockwood is determined to discover the identity of the Dreamer, the scapegoat of the violent death of his wife, to find the same killer, and especially to understand how James Olsen has got superpowers. Instead, Alex is contacted to accept a adoption, a topic that had moved away from Maggie.

Lena and Kara start to find out more, disturbing details on the plans of Lex luthor who contemplate the invasion of the United States on the part of Kaznia and, above all, the existence of the Red Daughter.

While in National City it consumes the umpteenth clash between Lockwood and the team composed by Dream, James and the Martian Manhunter in Kaznia Lena and Kara discover that Lex has a mole even within the Government.

Erratic is certainly the best adjective to describe, " Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?.

What is the third last episode of this fourth season moves slow and not very decided on multiple fronts without being able to hit properly so no target.

If the spine of the episode is obviously going to Kaznia Kara and Lena, the progressive discovery of the plans of Lex is not effective for the viewer as it is for the two protagonists. It should be noted, as it adds some important element to the conspiracy of the same Lex with the mole within the Government, and as the writers seek to "converge" the events towards a new comparison between the Kara and the Lena, which, however, is not the case.

The most interim of the episode, however, concerns the narrative of Alex, taken after several incidents of break, and that is absolutely dissociated from the rest of the narration, especially considering the latest developments.

Continues to hold the counter, even as the themes, the contrast between the aliens and humans which has materialized in the conflict between Lockwood and the heroes remaining in National City. Also nothing new here in terms of the progression of the plots if not, the discovery of the same Lockwood of Harun-El element that will surely be taken up in the remaining two episodes.

Only two episodes from the end and then Supergirl shows a very slight improvement even if the ending portends a cliffhanger instead of a closure of the plot at least the major ones.

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