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Published on Apr 22, 2019


We had left Supergirl two weeks ago with an episode decidedly free of stain – our review HERE – whose raison d'être was expressed in the final implementation in the floor so patiently engineered by Lex Luthor. The doppelganger of Supergirl coming from Kasnia, the Red Daughter, he had made his dramatic entrance on the scene: disguised as Supergirl had attacked the White House.

In a single blow, Lex had discredited the heroine, and made to accelerate dramatically the process of anti-alien.

With this climate of suspicion to reflect the events of the episode this week titled Crime and Punishment. After weeks at the mercy of the machinations of Lex luthor, Supergirl and Lena decide to rebuild back the movements of Lex, starting from her cell at Stryker's in search of clues. Entering a dungeon will not be as easy as get a job,... the help will come from the less dangerous of the prisoners.

Meanwhile, the hunt for Supergirl with Alex that you should hold off Eiling and the DEO sobillato from an aggressive Lockwood galvanised by the climate of suspicion now prevalent vis-à-vis aliens, and Supergirl. In order to avoid a massacre, with so much of martial law and curfew invoked by the Government, the same as Alex suggests to Brainiac to clear the registry of aliens. The solution will be less obvious than expected but more risky for the same Brianiac.

James is still struggling with his post-traumatic syndrome after the attack in his comparisons: the consequences, however, may not be just psychological.

Every effort of Supergirl but it will increase the rhetoric against her in the media. The same Supergirl then decides to opt for a new strategy that places in the first line Kara Danvers.

The break of two weeks, he has definitely benefited from Supergirl that had lost a bit of inertia in an attempt to create around the character of Lex Luthor, a huge plot involving all the elements scattered in the course of this fourth season.

The attempt, as already said, had not been brilliant and this week's episode still suffers from a bit of this “fatigue” with the first part, ineffective in a way that erratic attempts to follow multiple narrative strands and held them together with difficulty.

The point of the episode is of course represented by Supergirl and Lena while they add to the events of James – hard to understand how it will be inserted into this sub-plot into the main one – Brianiac and Alex, all discrete “fillers” but that inevitably distract the viewer.

The second part of the episode is definitely the more incisive about the two excellent action sequences – Supergirl vs the inmates to Stryker's, by the Watchmen, and Supergirl vs Otis – that with an unprecedented sense of irony and some great solution for directing bring the episode to its climax.

It is only in the minutes of the final, in fact, that the intent of the writers is made clear: on the one hand the role of Supergirl as a beacon of hope has been eroded from the floor of Lex, bringing its allies to make difficult choices on the other, the same Supergirl must sit on the bench and play wit by sending ahead of his alter-ego, Kara Danvers.

It is definitely a narrative choice interesting to see if the showrunner and writers are able to take better advantage of leveling the battle between Supergirl and Lex admitted and not granted that the episodes available are relatively few.

Supergirl shows some signs of recovery, not dictated so much by a script as brilliant as he is by some well-aimed stylistic choices, and directorial.

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