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Published on Apr 01, 2019


In the last few weeks, Supergirl was concentrated in the present and to legitimize – as happened in the episode last week, our review HERE – the character of Lex Luthor. In addition to applying, of course, from the start, as the major villain of this final part of the fourth season, we found that Lex was the real deus-ex-machina of all the events this season starting from the uprising of the face of the anti-aliens and the creation of Well-Lockwood aka Agent Liberty through the research of Lena on the Harun-El and culminating with the Red Daughter that is the doppelganger of Supergirl “born” and is mostly grown in Kaznia that Lex has finally decided to unleash a crazy plan to stand up and champion of humanity.

The escape of Lex and his sudden reappearance, obviously, are at the centre of concern of the DEO, Supergirl and Lena in the episode this week, titled All About Eve.

While J'onn must deal with his powers that suffer from some worrisome interference of having to cope with the consequences of the last fatal confrontation with Manchester Black; Supergirl, Alex and Lena are working on the only clue useful at their disposal to locate Lex or depart from the mole that has betrayed... Eve.

Also James must deal with the consequences of the attack that almost cost him his life while the law to deprive aliens of the rights, suffers a sudden setback by sending on a rampage Lockwood.

Working in close contact, and tracking the laboratory the secret of Eve, instead of Supergirl, Lena and Alex must deal with the disagreements that have drifted away starting to realize the ramifications and the complexity of the plan of Lex that deflagrerà in an attack at the White House!

All About Eve is a clumsy passing episode that serves as a filler before the break of two weeks, which will kick off the run of the final episodes of this fourth season.

Showrunner and writers looking to capitalize, picking up with the minimum effort for the maximum result, from what has been done in the last two weeks and using Lex Luthor as a sort of bogeyman that, in different ways, has affected every single character.

In this sense, the interpretations are diverse – from J'onn in the mystical with David Harewood too dramatic to be credible through a James in the midst of the crisis of post-traumatic – and are struggling to find a harmony making the episode drawn out and utterly devoid of stain.

Not enough, in fact, the final minutes in which the whole plan of Lex becomes clear, but without a real surprise, taking into account of the obvious clues scattered along the two previous episodes, much less the discrete team-up between Supergirl, Lena and Alex real backbone of the episode – and the dynamics, which is frankly a failure to the series in the last few weeks – but is underperforming and in a hasty fashion.

Supergirl stops abruptly by placing a episode knackered and devoid of the stain not being able to continue the inertia to positive date from the pop-up of Lex Luthor, preferring instead to girandovi around and taking time without continue really the plots set in motion.

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