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Published on Mar 25, 2019


In the episode last week – our review HERE – we had made the acquaintance of Lex Luthor. Lex had burst into the scene by offering his assistance to Lena, precisely when the latter was close to completing his research on kryptonite black, or Harun-El if you prefer, in the background of the attempt on the life of James Olsen, struck in the back by a shot gun.

In a quick succession of events, Lex had offered the solution to Lena: to transform the kryptonite black a panacea for all ills. Doing so would have saved James and he, too, suffers from a tumor incurable. In a crazy domino Lena was realized only at the end that she was in fact sensationally played in a plot orchestrated expertly by his brother, now free and cured from the disease.

In the episode this week, entitled The House of L, let us return once more back in time until the process of Lex discovering how, the plan developed last week, it was started a long time before involving checkers – including the Children of Liberty – and that has as a pivot the Red Daughter that is the doppelganger of Supergirl appeared in Kaznia – as seen at the end of last season.

Lex obviously wants to take advantage of the opportunity to prove he is the true champion of humanity, and he then begins to manipulate and indoctrinate the Red Daughter to unleash a war between Kaznia and the USA.

Everything will be directed toward the realization of this even with a “sacrifice” in the first person of the same Lex.

The House of L is a long digression in analessi in which showrunner and writers to deepen and strengthen the character of Lex luthor – in an ideal continuation of the introduction of the previous episode – recovering one of the plots left open from last season, or the one of the Red Daughter.

Everything is functional in the convergence of intent that shows a certain consistency in the general project of this fourth season, but unfortunately the episode suffers a bit for form and substance with the use of the analessi not always clear that it clutters the view and a Red Daughter maybe a little too packed in an interpretation of Melissa Benoist not quite incisive, this is the fault of some sequences in which the component drama re-emerges without special reasons.

Jon Cryer continues to present itself as a Lex Luthor credibilissimo in a mix perfectly managed between Rosenbaum, Hackman and Spacey, giving definitely the gear for a plot certainly ambitious for the tv series, but, more importantly for readers of the comics will not be too original.

And there is no doubt that the last two episodes were preparatory and preliminary to show on the plan orchestrated by the same Luthor in a drastic change of scenery and atmosphere more classically supereroistiche. Well is this change if it should dampen more in general those drama, it would be interesting to continue to maintain – perhaps by including them in an organic and functional – social and related to Children of Liberty that in the first part of the season had really given a boost to the series.

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