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Published on Mar 18, 2019


The episode last week – our review HERE – it was concentrated in a manner effective, yet not-too-bright, in order to outline the scenario that had seen the confrontation, in the form of two demonstrations opposing the faction of anti-aliens, headed by the new director for the affairs of aliens, Ben Lockwood, and the pro-aliens promoted in secret by Brainiac and ended with the infiltration of Manchester Black for luck without too many wounded and no dead.

While this demonstration of the square, had forced Lockwood to revise its policy unprincipled, the episode was ended in a tragic way: someone had been shot through the back of James in the headquarters of the CatCo.

This week's episode, titled “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”, part with a analessi that introduces us to surprise Lex Luthor showing his arrest after his last crazy attempt to beat Superman 4 years before.

The sequence is preparatory to reintroduce the character to today: Lex is dying, and asks Lena to help him. In fact the woman is now next to complete the research on the Harun-El, the properties of which do not serve soloa give powers metahumans, but are also curative.

With James struggling between life and death opens up, then, a dilemma: use the Harun-El to save it. Lex offers Lena his abilities to complete the research in exchange for a dose it can save him from the cancer that is devouring.

While Kara and J'onn are looking for Manchester, held responsible for the assassination of James, the same Manchester again in a counter-offensive from the result unexpectedly hard for the same J'onn. The attack, meanwhile, has severely damaged the hospital, forcing Lena to administer care...

With James out of danger, the woman, however, understood that she was mocked by his evil brother.

Clearing is now any misunderstanding: “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” is an episode that serves merely to introduce the character of Lex Luthor in the Arrowverse, and holds on to the excellent performances of his interpreter Jon Cryer.

The writers created an episode, all in all, a solid and well-thought-out from its premises in which to master it, is the palpable tension between Lena and Lex is on the version nervous, devious and a bit campy – in a sort of mix lethal between Gene Hackman, Michael Rosenbaum and Kevin Spacey – a Cryer really comfortable in the role of the nemesis of the Man of Steel standing forcefully for a new major villain of the series.

If the episode then finds its raison d'être in the battle between Luthor, the writers lack a bit of ingenuity when they try to poke into the middle of the event is the clash between Manchester and J'onn. This particular sub-plot is still very much immature, and it seems, at least to judge from what happened in this episode, time to bring the character of J'onn on the territory of more obscure; we have to see then the actual usefulness of this choice and how it will be managed until the end of the season, the character of Manchester instead.

After leaning heavily on the component of a socio-political drama in the last run of the episode, Supergirl turns back to territories more classically supereroistici: will showrunner and writers to amalgare these two souls in an ever more organic for the last part of this fourth season?

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