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Published on Mar 11, 2019


With the episode of last week – our review HERE – Supergirl had made decidedly the point of the situation after two-week break, recovering a vein more distinctly action and prosthetics. In the overall framework of the plots, the balance was perhaps in unexpected ways with the President who by his actions had exacerbated the contrast between the Children of Liberty, and the Elite – the team consisting of Manchester Black.

The episode had brought forward the idea that these two factions, with their extremism, they were the two sides of the same coin with Supergirl and his allies to do pacieri. The final had then sanctioned a dangerous turning-point: the President had appointed Ben Lockwood as the new director for the Business Aliens by showing how his actions would follow his own, personal, agenda.

In the episode this week, entitled Stand and Deliver, the Elite is still on the loose, and Supergirl must immediately save Ben Lockwood from the attack. While Alex is assigned as a spare just in Lockwood, Supergirl, J'onn, and Dreamer managed to capture, and to deliver it to the DEO, a Menagerie, but without getting information from you.

Lockwood, meanwhile, signed his first initiative as the director for Business Countdown to the abolition of the Alien Amnesty Act that allowed the aliens to find refuge on the Earth, and it promotes a march anti-alien, which, of course, unleashes a counter-demonstration in a scenario that is potentially dangerous.

Manchester, Hat and the Morae in the meantime, I introduce in the Fortress of Solitude by intervening, and then when the two events will clash and wreaking havoc. The expense, however, will be James...

Stand and Deliver is a passing episode, with some shade too, and the few lights that follows the plot of the last week. Even this episode, in fact, suffers from a first part that is too cumbersome and erratic, difficult to establish a good rhythm and the placing of the pawns immediately in the right position.

However, when you reach the climax that is the battle between the two event, the episode finds its best form by the re-emergence of that social component that had characterized the beginning of this fourth season, leaving to go to the “comments” politicians today never dull or heavy.

Unfortunately, however, not all of the elements in field work to duty. For example, the relationship/clash between Manchester Black and J'onn is still immature, and smoky as well as the sub-plot of Lena is, at least for this episode, mass in the second floor.

The director is struggling to find the right rhythm but then pack some good action scenes that make the second part of the episode much more enjoyable and smooth.

The final surprise, throws of course gasoline on the fire for a bit all the plots seen that James is involved, albeit to a different extent, in each of them. We'll see how showrunner and writers will evolve this plot twist also with regard to the status quo of the character.

Supergirl has the concrete contents to be developed, but cannot find the right shape for it by crafting a series of episodes, so far, with a lot of potential, but by the carrying out sobbing.

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