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Published on Feb 18, 2019


After two weeks of pause, accomplices before the Superbowl and then the ceremony of the Grammy Awards, returns to Supergirl. We left the series with an episode – our review HERE – that was the focus from one side on the develop definitely the character of Nia – burdened, perhaps, by a certain degree of “performance anxiety” in wanting to develop in parallel to its human part, to be trans, and prosthetics – and the other with the new status quo between Kara/Supergirl, and Alex always free memory in order to deceive the Colonel Haley hunt of the true identity of the heroine.

This week's episode, titled the Menagerie, sees the DEO to respond to a sighting of a meteorite associated with a series of dead mysterious. Soon it becomes clear that the meteor is actually a ship and that there was an alien, a dangerous parasite.

While they start the investigation to track down the host of the parasite, J'onn asks for help to Kara for such a case: the disappearance of the Director of Alien Affairs. The girl agrees, not being able to actually help Alex unless reveal his secret identity.

In National City, meanwhile, returns to the Colonel Haley, which meets Lena for the generous agreement to combine its efforts with those of the army for research aimed at enhancing human beings.

With the news of the alien parasite on the loose, the face of the Children of Liberty regains vigor and Well-Lockwood instructs the child to be heard loud and clear in his voice.

While Brainy is the visit to the Nia with the hope to convince her to start training, investigations of J'onn and Kara converge with those of Alex tracking the guest. To stop it, however, will have to intervene Supergirl with an unexpected help.

The victory over the Menagerie, however, will be somewhat useless: the president has decided to scarcere Lockwood and the same Menagerie receives a particular call to arms.

Menagerie is a passing episode, and by the intentions clear enough, but dragged down by an excessive compression caused by the programming dancer of the series , the true plague of the last season and is repeating this year with the break of two weeks, which just ended will be repeated: for a new episode, in fact, we will have to wait until the 3 march.

The episode is in fact dense too not being able to ever find a really good rhythm both at the level of director, who has difficulty in keeping high the attention of the viewer, that of the script with too many narrative strands are too heterogeneous to be able to mix in a convincing manner.

Against the background of Valentine's day, a few days later, the writers try to put in first plan the plots of Alex, the difficult relationship between Brainy and Nia and “liquidate” the one between James and Lena. The result is mediocre as well as the role of Kara – a little too petulant complaints on the relationship with the sister – and marginal to Supergirl and J'onn.

The episode then finds its raison d'être only in the final minutes between Nia, Lockwood and the letter received from the Menagerie; it is evident, then, that the intent was to provide the convergence of these three elements, giving the series a new impetus to the party strictly and prosthetics and giving back instead of that background is extremely convincing to the beginning of the season.

Supergirl is not in a form appreciable. The series in fact it is situated on some of the stylistic elements that had painstakingly absorbed in the plots and solutions narrative more dynamic.

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