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Published on Jan 28, 2019


Returning from the winter break, and from the crossover Elseworlds, Supergirl had immediately addressed what had been the climax of the plot heavily steeped in references to socio-political with the revelation of the identity of the Agent with Liberty, and his subsequent arrest, and the request, as a mere “act of good faith” of the president of the USA, to Supergirl to reveal his identity. The heroine of course had not been able to satisfy the request, thereby losing its status as an agent of the DEO.

In the episode last week – our review HERE – the situation had become nerve-racking from this point of view, saw that the Colonel Haley had started a campaign to discover the secret identity of the heroine... you succeed! The proverbial intervention of J onn J onnz and his telepathic powers had luckily avoided the worse, but it had also forced Kara and Alex to take a drastic decision: clear the memory of the latter, and thus avoiding that Haley could steal useful information.

With this new status quo kicks off this week's episode called Blood Memory. In fact, the episode begins with a short sequence of Supergirl Russian – a result of the end of last season – and then suddenly collapses to the ground, and that while trying to be revived emits a burst of energy that radiates out of the pills two improvised drug dealers selling to their usual customers, university students, which, however, manifest a mutation characterized by strength and anger. While Alex and the DEO will focus on this episode, Kara decides to accompany the Nia in his home town, Parthas, a community where aliens and human live long in harmony.

The Nia has decided to reveal to his parents that his powers of foresight are finally manifested, but when the drugs end up in the hands of the Children of Liberty, a peaceful life to Parthas will be rudely interrupted by crossing the paths of Supergirl, and Alex and especially those of Nia and his sister that he hoped to have inherited the powers.

After concentrating on Supergirl, and on the theme of the secret identity, the showrunner and writers try to take advantage of the inertia of the theme in question in order to develop the character of Nia, and, tangentially, also the new relationship between Kara and a “forgetful” Alex as well as change, again, the perspective on the relationship between James and Lena.

Blood Memory is therefore definitely the episode breakthrough for Nia, but unfortunately there is a bit of “performance anxiety” and the character is overly burdened with a development that wants to carry out in parallel both the human component – its being trans – whether that supererostica but fails to deepen in an incisive manner, none of the two. Also the role of Kara from this point of view is pretty obvious as well as its contrast with Alex.

The direction of fatigue and then to establish a rhythm convincing for the episode, by leaning to that which is the contour plot to keep a thread of the events.

This is not an episode bad, but just predictable and that it does not fully exploit the potential of the character of Nia. Remains interlocutory even the use of Supergirl's Russian, you have to understand if the showrunner and writers will use it for the subplot of the secret identity, as a “simple” villain or vanificheranno the discrete intuition of the ending of the third season.


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