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Published on Dec 12, 2018


Barry Allen and Oliver Queen had awakened, literally in the life of the other – as seen in the first part of the crossover, our review HERE – and had not a little trouble to convince friends and allies of this anomaly by resorting to the help of Supergirl was then involved in this bizarre affair. The three heroes, thanks to the powers of Cisco, had tracked the leaders and had gone to Gotham – as seen in the second part of the crossover, our review HERE – where they had also done the understanding of the mysterious Batwoman, and especially were finally able to have a broader picture of the threat. A Flash from another parallel Earth he had warned that a powerful, called the Monitor, had given him the Book of Destiny to a human, dr. John Deegan, that changed the reality in anticipation of an impending crisis of cosmic scope.

The second part, however, was ended with Barry and Oliver catapulted into a new reality where they had no powers and were hardened criminals. Here were were greeted by a Superman in black suit, whose identity is immediately revealed at the beginning of this third and final part entitled Elseworlds 3, which coincides with the none episode of the fourth season of Supergirl.

This reality is dominated with an iron fist by Superman, Barry and Oliver decide to contact the version of Cisco present in this world, looking for help... and the only one that you can beat Superman or that Superman returning to Earth-38. Kara, meanwhile, is locked up in a cell at STAR Labs and try to get rid of more convincing version of the Alex's of this world to be his sister.

The key of course remains the Book of Fate, and someone powerful enough to open it and “fix” the reality is... but the interference of Superman Black will result in all the heroes will draw from their resources, even if this might lead to some extreme sacrifice.

Elseworlds 3 is the right conclusion, and a solid third act of the crossover, the conclusion in the full style of the Arrowverse, with all the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

The cloth used in the two previous episodes is in fact diluted is with a comic relief is less pronounced, but also with some “intimate” more pronounced, and also the easter-egg and the references are all concentrated in the last part of the episode and in the resolution of the conflict.

The episode travels shipped the aforesaid resolution having already thoroughly prepared the ground in the two previous episodes giving some space to the action scenes, which for pace, direction, and technical execution are reminiscent of those of the Invasion – the crossover of two years ago.

The final as said, is solid but less spectacular than what we could have expected with the three heroes, and the guest of exception of Superman, who draw liberally from the seminal Superman of Richard Donner is to end the battle is to illustrate the post-crisis with the status quo of some of the main characters and the secondary especially.

If the teaser at the end of the episode suggests that the crossover of the next year will be based on what is probably the most important and famous of the publishing history of DC, it remains a fact that Elseworlds was an event excellent, the best crossover so far, drawn from the Arrowverse, and that has highlighted the best of these series thanks to a work bilanciatissimo of the showrunner and writers voted to create not only a gripping plot and believable, but also which content is the fans the most experienced of the DC is that would lead them rightly forward the plots of the individual series.

A note in the margin be dedicated to Superman and Batwoman. For the former it speaks, again, of a series. Judging by the end of this episode, this Superman for now and will be put to “sleep” forced: it is likely that there are discussions in both to Warner Bros, DC Films, and The CW view of the indecision on the counterparty the film. Personally, for me, the interpretation of Tyler Hoechlin is convincing to the extent that it is less muscular than that of Henry Cavill leaving to carry more “from the heart” by another. I do not know, however, if a series with him as much as it might work given the tight budget, which has always distinguished series The CW.

For Batwoman are as already said Ruby Rose is more convincing in the role of heroine in Kate Kane. Its introduction has been too brief to judge the goodness of a series dedicated to her, I was expecting personally, an episode structured more like a backdoor pilot but it was not so likely because showrunner and writers are already convinced of the potential of the series to not require further testing.

The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl will resume their race at the end of January!

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