Supergirl 4 and DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4 Italy 1


Published on Mar 23, 2020


As you can see from the schedule, beginning Saturday, march 28, Legends of Tomorrow 4 and Supergirl 4 will be transmitted in the clear on the Italia 1: it starts with the Legends, starting from 14.10 with two episodes, and then continue to 15.55 with Supergirl, always with two episodes.

In the fourth season of Dc's Legends of Tomorrow, we see the nice confirmation of Constantine and the news on the role of Maisie Richardson-Sellers, an interpreter before Amaya Jiwe / Vixen and now in the shoes to completely new of a character named Charlie, described as a rebel without a flag appeared as a result of the magical portal opened by the Legends with the evocation of Mallus.

The cast has been added instead, Ramona Young, who plays a character totally new in the world of comics, from name of Alaska Yu, described as “a twenty-year-old passionate, from the fantasy novels and romantic stories, expert of the world of magical creatures that the Legends will meet during their adventures.

Together with the other members, will soon learn to bring back on the shoulders of the head in the clouds and to become an irreverent heroine.” Tom Wilson, a historical actor of Back to the Future, is the charismatic father of Nate, Hank Heywood.

With regard to the fourth season of Supergirl, we know that the villain who Kara is facing is Manchester Black, dangerous man with psychic powers who will be represented by the actor David Ajala and that we are accustomed to see, in the comics, in the universe of Superman.

Among the new characters are Benjamin Lockwood/Agent Liberty (played by Sam Witwer) and Nia Nal/Dreamer, for which was chosen the young actress transgender Nicole Maines, who, in fact, will be called on to interpret the first superhero transgender of the world of television.

Supergirl 4 and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, 4 on 1 is




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