SuperBrain from tonight on Rai 1: anticipations and guests of Paola Perego on the 11th January 2019


Published on Jan 11, 2019


Great plays in the last edition for Superbrain – The Supermenti that back this year, in prime time on Rai 1. From today, 11 January 2019 airs the talent dedicated to the ability of the human mind conducted by Paola Perego and produced in collaboration with Endemol Shine Uk. To the side of Paola Perego, in this new edition, there will be Francesco Paolantoni. What we will see in the first episode of SuperBrain airing today on Rai 1? Discover the latest news about the program and the advances that reveal to us just what will happen tonight!

In each episode will compete in six “supermenti” that, thanks to their talent (for the numbers, the memory, or with a sense that is particularly developed), combined with the study, and a pinch of madness, will give life to moments of great entertainment. At the end of the evening, the jury will choose the three best evidence of the bet and then it will be the vote of the studio audience to proclaim, among the three chosen, the winner will receive a prize of gold coins.

The protagonists of the program will be normal people with extraordinary gifts, capable of using the mind to overcome trials incredible, which will be judged by the studio audience and the jury, composed by three famous people, different every week. In the first episode of the jury shall sit: Enrico Brignano, Elisabetta Canalis and Cesare Bocci.

In the first episode the audience will see the study of SuperBrain become the first in the magnificent Piazza di Spagna for a test of photographic memory to the last detail, and then in a games shop for a test calculation on the prices of the toys, the work of a 12 year old girl. There will then be a proof of the extraordinary difficulty that will require the competitor to large capacity not only mental but also physical, given that it will have to store a sequence of numbers, after being immersed in a ton of ice. And still, a test of puzzle solving particularly complicated, a test of visual memory full of variety, during which a competitor must memorize the face and the scarf of 20 dancers, make-up and dressed by Raffaella Carrà, while performing in a ballet, and, finally, a test will be the protagonist of 100 Rubik's cubes, which for the occasion will be the picture of one of the jurors that the participant must redial.

The exceptional abilities of the mind will be the protagonists of the other performances out of the race. In each episode, in fact, there will be some kind of international tournament which will challenge, on the same specialty, a competitor of the previous Italian editions of the SuperBrain against a competitor for one of the editions of the other countries (up to fourteen) in which the program is aired. In the first episode, the challenge will be between Italy vs Portugal: Ilaria Bombelli and the Portuguese Tania Domingues will face each other in a maze of laser beams that must be passed with eyes bandaged and in a competition of accuracy and speed.

There will be space for exhibitions from the taste of a more ironic and funny: exceptional talent that will be performing in contexts that are somewhat surreal, supported by Francesco Paolantoni. The “ExtraBrain” of the first episode will be a “conductor”, who will try to play a melody without the use of musical instruments, but instruments in the kitchen, and a man capable of finding the equilibrium point of any thing, and of making compositions with objects very small or very large.

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