Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: new characters join the roster


Published on Aug 08, 2018


A legendary vampire hunter and a bad one of the most popular, add to the multitude of wrestlers, Super Smash Bros., Ultimate, Simon Belmont of the Castlevania series, and King K. Roll, the main antagonist of the games Donkey Kong Country the original, will be available as new playable characters.

The presentation also included additional information about the characters (Echo, new scenarios, new game modes, and on one of the most incredible collections of music ever contained in a single game, with more than 900 songs available for 28 hours of music.

Also, starting today you can pre-order a special edition of the game, Super Smash Bros., Ultimate – limited Edition, which includes a copy of the title and a GameCube controller special edition Super Smash Bros. with its adapter. In addition to the amiibo of the five characters announced recently, namely Simon Belmont, Richter Belmont, King K. Roll, Chrom and Samus Dark collection Super Smash Bros., which will be available in the future.

If you are interested to see the presentation of the Nintendo Direct in its entirety, we present the video below:

To follow, we also report some of the new products announced:

Finally, remember that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switches on the 7th of December.

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