Super Mario: who died the man who inspired the name of the famous hydraulic


Published on Nov 03, 2018


The man was 84 years old. His obituary says: “although it was the inspiration for the name “Super Mario” by Nintendo in the period in which Nintendo was tenant] in his business park in the years ’70, has always avoided fame and notoriety, he wanted to be remembered, instead, for what he has achieved in life”.


Nintendo has stated in a note in Variety that “Nintendo of America is saddened by the news of the death of Rye, and we extend our condolences to his family and friends”.

Rye was born in Seattle farmers of Italian immigrants of the first generation. He started his construction company just after high school in 1952. After marrying in 1957, he and his wife have made M. A. Rye, Inc., a construction company. In the end he sold the company in 1998.

Rye founded the Rye Business Park in Tukwila, Washington in the early ’70s, and he has also founded the real estate company Rye Properties.

But for fans of Nintendo, his name will always remain linked to that of the famous idraulito Italian.

Super Mario: who died the man who inspired the name of the famous plumber is




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