Super Dragon Ball Heroes: birth of an enemy stronger than Zeno?


Published on Jan 16, 2019


The most recent episode of the animated series promotional Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the seventh (you can join it here), began with the new story arc entitled “Universal Conflict”.

Despite the eight minutes of animation sequences are starting with a bang so much so that the consequences of certain circumstances, could lead to strong implications also for characters with canonical appeared in Dragon Ball Super, for example.

One of these repercussions suggested in the new episode return to the arrival of a warrior the enemy with a force fighting the most high God of any thing, and that Zeno.

In detail, in the last episode, the new enemies that have given beginning to the Universal war you are presented with great fanfare in that of the 6th Universe, and, strong of the new warriors named Oren, and Kamin, have in a short time put out of the game fighters of the caliber of the Hit, Cabba, Caulifla and Kale (the characters appeared for the first time in Dragon Ball Super).

The four warriors, however, receive their lucky reinforcements, thanks to the arrival in beating Vegeta and Trunks which in the meantime had learned from the Kaioshin of the 6th Universe of the new war.

The final scenes are moving on the leader of the new group of villain that takes the name of Hearts. Sorprendetemene what seems to be a scientist recalls in the life of the deceased Zamasu.

Zamasu was defeated in Dragon Ball Super in the narrative arc of the Trunks of the Future, therefore, the aspirant Kaioshin dell’11° the Universe is willing to give vent to his revenge, but Hearts asks him to bring along a little patience and stay between the rear... at least as long as the God of all things, Zeno, will not be defeated.

Judging from this sentence it seems that Hearts is planning the birth (or rebirth) of a warrior so strong as to shake even the God who has demonstrated, in Dragon Ball Super, to be able to disappear with the will of an entire Universe.

What will this mighty warrior able to overcome the God of all things? At the moment we do not know, but the eighth episode of the anime will come in February 2019, so we can only wait to find out more details.

Remember that the eighth episode is titled “The Invasion of your worst enemies! The Universe Number 6 falls in ruins!”. We propose, below, the synopsis:

“Trunks and the other heroes face a grueling battle against the savage attacks combined with the Oren and Kamin.
In the middle of the duel, the warrior Hearts of the Core Area appears and reveals his plan shocking“.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: birth of an enemy stronger than Zeno? is




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