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Published on Jan 31, 2019


Robert Kirkman knows when to drop the ace. What we had read until now on the Super-Dinosaur was a good story for entertainment, primarily for an audience of children in the age of puberty. But the third volume, while maintaining this type of footprint, has elevated some of the themes and situations.

Little Derek has been seized by the rettiloide Exiled and brought into the Inner Earth. To govern this kingdom there is the brother of the Exiled, which he does not believe that the earth's surface is inhabited. For this reason, it has brought Derek with him, to bear witness to the existence of life on the surface. But the lust for power can trigger war, violence and corruption, able to pass some kinds of beings, even above your own blood. It will be so that the young Derek will become the central element of a contention seeks to maintain the government of the Rettiloidi.

Meanwhile, Super Dinosaur will try to bring Derek to the surface, while the Dr Dynamo is trying to regain his memory in order to understand what really happened to the missing wife.

As we said, Robert Kirkman wanted to drop the ace in this volume of Super Dinosaur. Not for nothing is the author of The Walking Dead is one of the greatest cartoonists of the last twenty years. The sub-plot that drives this fun story intended for a very young audience, succeeds in this volume to win the adults, inserting with the kidnapping of Derek contention of the power inherent in the Inner Earth. An idea is effective that is able to tell us in a simple way, but not at all trivial, all that from the times of Gilgamesh is continually being told in the various literary epics.

In a good story are not the story, the main factor of the narrative, but the inward motions of the characters, and the actions that result from them. Kirkman knows this, and in this volume he pulls out all his capacity of understanding the human mind, and describing it through the race of the Rettiloidi.

And then there is a further sub-plot that will bring Derek and Super Dinosaur on the Moon, to try to quell a war triggered between two different ethnic groups of the inhabitants of the inner part of the Satellite. It seems that Kirkman has taken the numbers of this volume to Shakeaspeare, and to his great ability to describe the motions of the human soul, making them compelling dramas.

And in this volume of Super Dinosaur, there is everything: from the quarrel of power, to the overcoming of the differences of the outer and membership thanks to the feeling. There is to say that a comic book dedicated to children, is brought forward with this quality is not easy to find. And only a character of genius as Robert Kirkman could accomplish it.

To contribute in important ways to the excellence of Super Dinosaur there are the designs of Jason Howard, who uses a cartoonish style so lively and full of movement to give the feeling that you're reading a comic book animated (and I say that not for nothing have recently launched an animated tv series dedicated to Super Dinosaur).

This third volume of Super Dinosaur is suitable for children as the older ones. This is the most interesting part (at the level of the sub-plots and meta-text) of the series, and the one that gives the ideas in the final for the breakthrough that will bring Derek Dynamo and his father to settle accounts with the past.

Saldapress, which prints in Italy, much of the material of Image Comics, could not pass up this series, which improves the volume volume.

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