Super Bowl, super trailer. Between Captain America: Civil War and Bourne, sci-fi and superheroes

Published on Feb 08, 2016

The fiftieth Super Bowl, which puts forward to the world of cinema. Indeed, one of the superheroes. Deadpool, soon to be in Italian theatres, took advantage of a review, and a final invitation to the vision, Captain America ‘scoops’ with a clip to the opposing sides to fear even at the dances and chants of the All blacks, which faithfully reproduces emphasis and eposa from the stadium. But there are the X-Men, Independence Day 2 and, a little surprise, Jason Bourne.

It went like this: Lady Gaga, clothes, patriotic, he sang the american national anthem (without getting massacred critical); Beyonce rocked the Halftime Show, as if the colleagues, Coldplay and Bruno Mars, who had played before her, were the guests of a concert.
Before and after the performance of the range, ‘even’ held the final of the championship. They won the Denver Broncos, beating 24-10 the Carolina Panthers.

In the middle, like every year, but in the fiftieth, a heavy spot. From those that riesumano the last of the smash hits to others that involve even Batman v Superman. Because superheroes, their teaser, and genre sci-fi were the other main protagonists the protagonists of the grand final, NFL, in addition to the players and music stars. The clip? All not to be missed. Some of the most. Here's the top ten, with u eye to the most anticipated movies of 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Thirty seconds with a lot of chorus ‘Greek’. Epic, preparing for a duel rather of the year that, no, it is not the one between Superman and Batman, but the one between Captain America and Iron Man.

Independence Day: Reurgence

Still the stadium, the heart of the emotions national. In the place of the choir, the hymn. And the alien menace that bull, in the aerial evolutions of the air force military regalia for the Super Bowl. Well.

X-Men – Apocalypse

Less ‘hooked’ to the opportunity to sport is a concentrate of what will be the biggest and the most risky enterprise of the X-men. With a series of intense on the protagonists.

Jason Bourne

Barrel. Many of the barrel. And explosions, motorcycle racing, the atmosphere of armageddon social. Dark and mysterious enough.


As ironic as it was expected, the invitation sitting in your chair, but really just a little, of the superhero who is ready to change the rules of the game such as never was still happened.

Gods of Egypt

Log epic and tones theatrical grafted the idea of a GoT weblog Ancient Egypt. This is so cool, though.

Cloverfield Lane 10

Mysterious JJ Abrams, as it is necessary for the final project of the ‘surprise’ of Hollywood.

Eddie the Eagle

The history of the sport that was missing in the year that it takes off with the Super Bowl and lands on the Olympics.

Alice through the looking glass

Ninja turtles: out of the shadow

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