Super Bowl 50, has anyone seen Coldplay? Is Beyoncé the queen of the Halftime Show

Published on Feb 08, 2016

If you just can't be two queens on the same throne, just bring them to a different space: it happened during Super Bowl 50, which has been made memorable (also) thanks to Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, and remained the big star of music and live.

Lady Gaga is busy to warm up their engines to the public in the stadium and worldwide, before moving to the ball (the Halftime Show) to the trio, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and ‘Queen Bey’.

During the opening ceremony of the final of the championship of the NFL, which led to the victory of the Denver Broncos on the Carolina Panthers 24 to 10, the lady's dark American Horror Story: Hotel has sung the american national anthem and its interpretation, despite a couple of wedges to striped with the colors of the american flag - and it has been promoted with full marks, on Twitter.

After her, the true queen of the evening was Beyoncé, the undisputed star of the Halftime Show, the highly anticipated show of the range. With a dance in tribute to Malcolm X has made us forget the previous performance of the colleagues, Coldplay and Bruno Mars.... And the first were, on paper, the real stars of the evening.

From the sports field, has become the stage, the singer has also announced his Formation-World Tour that will stop in Italy in a single date, that of the 18th of July at San Siro (Milan).

The three artists – Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Chris Martin, are then gathered together to sing together, giving an unusual trio live at the 50th edition of the Super Bowl.


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