Sunday: the tears of Mara Venier, and the incident in the studio

Published on Sep 16, 2018

Mara Venier back to ‘Sunday’ and already it combines one of his

Today afternoon at 14 on Rai Uno began the new adventure of Mara Venier with the new season of ‘Sunday’. In fact, after four years of absence, the popular presenter of the veneto is back in the great family of Rai. The woman was greeted in the studio with a resounding applause from the audience. Also, the orchestra of ‘Sunday’ has sung a famous song of Vasco Rossi.

And with the song of Rossi, Mara Venier said this:

“Yeah, I'm still here.”

The ice was broken for the new debut, Aunt Mara has let go of the emotion. Specifically on the big screen of the study of ‘Sunday’ has featured a photo of the late Fabrizio Frizzi. Mara dropped a few tears, and after that the public has stood up, the Front greeted and thanked also all those who wanted it again in Rai. Among the people who mentioned the venetian, there is Antonella Clerici, declaring that they have become two great friends. Immediately after Aunt Mara was the star of a small accident.

While in the study of ‘Sunday’ you spoke of the story of Asia Argento and the alleged sexual abuse in Jennett, Mara Venier has found itself in great difficulty. In particular, the presenter of the venetian failed to read the script in his hands. Instead of flying over, Aunt Mara is not able to hide what was going on. Then, she revealed to all of you have the wrong glasses and for this reason could not read anything. The funny incident made the public laugh in the room.

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