Sunday special episode on march 8th without an audience with so many guests and the latest on the coronavirus


Published on Mar 07, 2020


March 8, 2020 on Rai 1 will air a new episode of Sunday IN the first live from Rome without an audience. After the decree of the government of 4 march 2020, everything changed in the world of tv. The public will be more present in the tv studios, at least until 15 march 2020, and for all the conductors, there will be innovations for the management of the programmes. Nothing public, less guests at the same time in the room, safety distances. In the episode Sunday airing tomorrow, on the day of the feast of the woman, there will be ample space to give the latest news on coronavirus and also to inform. Then the entertainment: in these days when thousands of people are forced in the house, but also serves a space to laugh, to try to distract yourself a bit!

In the opening, a talk, dedicated to the many mothers and parents that are faced with the management of the child in the home as a result of the decision to close the schools until march 15 for the emergency Coronavirus. We will talk about this study with opinion leaders.

Barbara Bouchet, actress, German, and Italian citizen, an icon of the sexy comedy the ’70s, you will tell the story in an extensive interview between career and private life. Among other things, the Bouquet should be one of the competitors of the official Dancing with the stars, and it could reveal tomorrow to Sunday.

8 march international women's day. Mara Venier will welcome Jessica Notaro, a former Miss Romagna in 2007, will tell the story of the odyssey experienced as a result of the aggression suffered in 2017 from her ex-boyfriend that the sfregiò with the acid, and then performing with Anthony May with the singing of the song “The face and the heart”. After the stage of Sanremo, Jessica is back with his beautiful voice on the Sunday of the italians.

Patrizia Mirigliani, the daughter of the town ‘patron’ of the National Competition of Miss Italy, Enzo Mirigliani, who recounts her painful story as a result of the complaint of the child for problems related to drug use. The Mirigliani had been a guest of Bruno Vespa to tell, in a moving interview, his difficult personal history.
The actor Massimo Ghini act to present his latest film “The good time”, directed by Vincenzo Marra.
Enzo Gragnaniello dedicated to all the women in his song “Woman”, which became a huge success in 1989, thanks to the unforgettable interpretation of Mia Martini.

The appointment with the Sunday is for the 14 of march 8, 2020 on Bbc1.

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