Sunday, Mara Venier collapses live: the tears of the presenter

Published on Oct 28, 2018

During the interview with Nino D'angelo, Mara Venier has not been able to do less burst to cry. Here's what happened

Mara Venier is always very popular on social. The presenter gets excited easily and this time it was a moving interview with Nino D'angelo, arouse her emotion.

Mara Venier, a tv presenter On Sunday is very sensitive. Often, during his moving interviews we moved and it happened again during the interview of Nino D'angelo. The well-known neapolitan singer when he started talking about his friendship with Gigi D'alessio, her mother, and her marriage with Anna maria, it is a bit moved.

The audience did not expect this relationship between the two artists. In fact, even if the chronicles have often told the contrary, between these two singers, there is no rivalry, but only a beautiful friendship.

Often the two singers spend time together. Nino describes his relationship with the singer:

Gigi is my favourite chef, we love each other”

Together they now have an important work project, but for now, both to maintain the silence. In fact, the two have no intention of revealing what it is until Christmas. And” direct that comes the unexpected call Gigi.

So much emotion for Nino when talking to the mom. Mara shows an old interview with D'angelo. The Venier ends in tears. The memory of Nino, his beloved mother, the tears.

A memory that has excited a little bit for all the audience to Nino that he does not indulge in often tv interviews.

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