Sunday Live sinks: goodbye to the 22% share for Barbara D'urso


Published on Sep 17, 2018


Part terrible the new Sunday edition of the Live and probably not only for the merits of Mara Venier, who returns with his Sunday, and triumphs in comparison against his great friend ( read here the tab with the data auditel). The audience at home yesterday, rose against Barbara D'urso, in particular in the last space dedicated to Matteo Salvini. If in the study the minister was welcomed by a standing ovation which led him to sympathize, at home, the feeling was different. Different also to the presenter that is finished in the crosshairs of criticism for the choices made. Honestly it's hard to understand the indignation of the public Sundays Live since years now, the presenter proposes a program that is always the same for the structuring and themes, in addition to the protagonists. Around in fact, we always see the same faces, always listen to the same stories, stuffed, more or less, of the ingredients you should be the novelty, but that are not.

As it happened, however, even for the Afternoon, Five, let's imagine that on Sunday Live will return to find that 22 % of share. You just need to be patient. The feeling is that, with the departure of the true programming of Channel 5, stuffed of reality and moments of trash-not to forget, the D'urso will recover his beloved record ratings, even if in this season, it is clear, will be more complicated, because from the other side, there is Mara, and Mara love to the lord, and apparently, lots of it.

It is not enough to open the program with Loredana Lecciso, and the rest is back on Channel 5 to tell a story so hackneyed that it would add nothing to what we already know. It is not enough, with the usual talk. Not enough time to fall Malgioglio. In short, the usual ingredients of Sunday Live ( and imagine that soon we will also review the Lim), for the moment, seemed to be indigestible to the public of Mediaset. But what will happen when Sunday Live you will be able to speak of the Gf Vip or Temptation Island Vip?

Something tells us that next Sunday will be different, we may make mistakes but the feeling is this. It is clear that Mara Venier could improve, of course we will, so the challenge will be even more interesting. For the moment the data is served: the Venier, without a shadow of a doubt, has laid Barbara D'urso.

Sunday Live has collected 1.553.000 viewers (10.2%), with the presentation broadcast from 13.58 to 14.28, 1.651..000 (11.7%) with the current from 14.32 to 17, 1.853.000 viewers (15.3%) with the Stories from 17.04 to 17.39, 1.862.000 spectators (16%) from 17.44 to 17.54, 1.978.000 viewers (16.5%) from 17.59 at 18.31 and 1.707.000 viewers (13.7%)

We compare these data with those of last year, with the first episode airing on the 17th of September 2017

Sunday Live has attracted 1.468.000 viewers (8.1%) in the presentation, 1.837.000 (11.6%) in the present 2.061.000 (15.3%) in the Stories, 2.193.000 (17.7%) in the first part, 2.355.000 (18.2%) in the second and 1.905.000 (13.8%) in the Last Surprise.

Last year, Sunday Live, he had made his debut against the Formula 1 Grand Prix seen by more than 3.5 million viewers.

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