Sunday, Live, face-to-face between Eva Henger and Nadia Rinaldi between allegations and evidence


Published on Feb 18, 2018


Guests of the episode of Sunday Live broadcast on the 18th of February 2018 Nadia Rinaldi, fresh back from Honduras and Eva Henger that have been the subject of a face-to-face on the famous barrel gate. As you know the Henger argues that all the castaways have seen smoke before the start of the famous Island of 2018, at the hotel, and villa, Francesco Monte, which would have brought the tour to Honduras marijuana. Of this story, for the moment, have spoken of the Anger, that she is back in Italy, attempt the dose, Francis Mount, he returned to Italy but with another version of the facts; a Clear need feeding that did not want to take part in this story but has said that Eva is not a liar, and Nadia Rinaldi, which, however, he has told the band the news, not to have seen with his eyes, and the Mountain smoking. Sunday, Live, face-to-face between the two women you see in the company of Barbara D'urso and try to tell them about this “rod gate” that so inflames the public mind. It must be said that the Anger, in a space earlier, before meeting the Rinaldi said the actress, in private he sent messages by which you understand that you do not want to get into this story for reasons of his own.


“I make a premise, I wish that I was in another situation. I flipped the hell out of it when I returned. A hell that 20 years ago I was sentenced two times. I was condemned also by the employees at work. I had to start from scratch, my hell was caused now by the words of Eve, and that famous, there was also Nadia. I want to explain this...” the words of Nadia who explains what happened in Honduras. Nadia explains that she has fallen asleep when they were at the hotel and that he has not seen many things, but confirms that the authors were there and that if he had seen something then he could also tell it immediately. “I have not seen anything, of the exchange of the purchase, you turn it on to my children. There were people in the production, if thou hast seen all this in the hotel the players had to say immediately. In house smoked all, I had a package. We were also the first fights. I slept on a hammock. I washed the dirt of all. I was not behind the ass of a Mountain to see what he was doing. I have seen smoke only tobacco. I haven't asked him what he put in the cigarettes. I felt bad because for two times I fell from the hammock. I asked for something for the headaches but it's not because they smoked the canes, but because they chatted. I was bad, but I have not said that they had smoked a pipe. I wish you well but I cannot confirm this thing. I do not know you as a person a liar but I can't support you in this argument” these are the words of Nadia, who says that it is not pleasant to be catapulted into this story.

Nadia Rinaldi also speak of the news given by Alberto Dandolo, who had launched the bomb of the famous meeting of Mediaset and of the possible disqualification of hill and Nadia ( here the analysis) .

He takes the word Eva Henger: “I did not say that you have smoked in the past, I've said that you were evil because the others have smoked. You sent me a message where you say that I don't want to put in the middle. We all know that Monte has done stupid things but I don't put myself in the middle.”

The Rinaldi counterattacked: “I have the balls full, I don't want my name to be associated with the drug.” The Anger, however, brings as a proof of one of the cigarettes that could have, could only smoke those because he had finished the tobacco cigarettes. About cameras Rinaldi ( cameras that, according to the Marcuzzi were not there because the Island is not the Gf Vip): “we Had the camera in the ass, according to you, I was talking about reed?”.

“To me, Francesco Monte is not even cute if it was true, according to you, I would not have said” reveals the Rinaldi while Barbara d'urso announces an off-the-air to follow.




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